WhatsApp Beta now supports Two-Step verification

WhatsApp 2 Step Verification

As we all know, WhatsApp developers keep rolling out something new every week in the Beta version of their messenger, the new feature we get this week is ‘two-step verification’. Yes, that’s correct. Your WhatsApp messenger is now more secure than ever.

Available as of now only in WhatsApp Beta for Android and Windows, you can go to Settings > Account > Two-step verification > Enable, and turn on the feature. By enabling this, you can generate a 6 digit passcode which will be required every time you register your number with WhatsApp. This is to protect your synced data with WhatsApp servers.

Along with passcode, there’s also option for email address. This would be helpful to recover your passcode, in case you forget it. However, email is not mandatory and you will also see option to skip it while enabling two-step verification. However, i would recommend to register email address for being on safer side.

WhatsApp Two Step Verification

Here’s what WhatsApp mentioned about this new two-step verification on their official website:

Two-step verification is an optional feature that adds more security to your account.

If you have two-step verification enabled, your number will not be permitted to reverify on WhatsApp within 7 days of last using WhatsApp without your passcode. Thus, if you forget your own passcode, but did not provide an email to disable two-step verification, even you will not be permitted to reverify on WhatsApp within 7 days of last using WhatsApp. After these 7 days, your number will be permitted to reverify on WhatsApp without your passcode, but you will lose all pending messages upon reverifying – they will be deleted. If your number is reverified on WhatsApp after 30 days of last using WhatsApp, and without your passcode, your account will be deleted and a new one will be created upon successfully reverifying.

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