How to update Lava Iris 501 to Official Android 4.1 Jellybean firmware

Lava Iris 501 Jelly Bean

Lava Iris 501 is an amazing device which offers you good multimedia and gaming performance at a budget price. The device is available with ICS and now through an update rom you can have Jellybean on it. Compare to other budget phones in the market, Iris 501 still counted as the best one. This is due to bigger screen size and great output. I had tested this device for long time and played certain HD games also. It works well and there is no performance problem in that.

In this short tip I will show you the way to install an updated Jellybean rom on the device. The version is Android 4.12. This new rom will add more features and boost the device output to some extent. So if you are really fed up with the existing interface then you can follow my guide to get Jellybean Os on the device. It is tested and works fine. But before going ahead just checkout the requirements. This is important things to consider, because if this is not properly done, your phone might brick.

Lava Iris 501 has officially got this update. The below method is manual. If you are not really sure how to do this then you can also go to LAVA service center to get the new update. This is an official update not a custom rom. So there is nothing added in that. You are getting a stock Jellybean ROM here.


  • Backup your contacts, sms, apn settings, etc. You can use Titanium Backup Pro for that.
  • Backup your existing rom through Nandriod or CWM. Incase if the update installation fails and your device does not boot properly using the backup rom you can restore the factory OS back.
  • You will require an usb data cable. Try to use the one which comes with the phone. A composite cable used for charging and data transfer both.
  • Download MediaTek USB Vcom Driver. Essential drivers to identify your device for update installation.
  • Download SP Flash Tool. Essential tool to install the update package in your device.
  • Download LAVA Iris 501 Jelly Bean Firmware. The final update firmware which will be overwritten on the existing OS.
  • Ensure that your phone has maximum battery left Do not go for the process if your device is low on battery.
  • Enable USB Debugging Mode. Go ton Settings > Developers Options > Usb Debugging.

Installation Process:

  • Turn your phone off for few minutes and remove the battery from it. Keep the mobile off for some time. Then re-insert the battery and do not turn it on.
  • From above downloaded files install MediaTek USB Vcom drivers. Run the setup. This driver is essential to identify your device while installing this updated rom.
  • Once the driver is installed. Connect the phone with usb cable and turn it on.
  • Launch SP Flash Tool. In that click on Scatter-loading.
  • You will have to load the firmware file which I had told you to download above. The Jellybean update. Browse the file and load it in the tool.
  • Then click on Firmware Update. You might get any error. Just ignore that. This is a basic warning which appears for file checksum.
  • Click on OK. Wait back for sometime till the mobile is updated. The process will take some time. If everything goes well then you will get a new Jellybean Update on your phone.
  • In case of any error or problem you can use the backup rom and restore it via CWM or Nandroid.


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