Samsung Galaxy Y Creed Custom ROM Installation Guide

If you are willing to have Ice Cream Sandwich UI on Samsung Galaxy Y then Creed ROM is the one best Custom ROM available at the moment with smooth and fast functionality. Creed ROM is a custom Gingerbread ROM that is built with ICS UI. It is not really the ICS OS, it just has the interface. It is extremely smooth in terms of performance and gives you lots of additional benefit over existing Gingerbread OS. The added advantage that you get on the same is Soft Root, Message application, Cool ICS theme, optimized TouchWiz, bloatwere detected, status bar and boot animation. Along with this OS is extremely light in performance far more better than the existing original Gingerbread.

To install the same, you will need to download few files but before that, there are some requirements you need to go through. They are as follows:


Now before going ahead lets check out something. This are the pre-requirements part which help you to make your device ready for installing Creed ROM so that you do not face any error at the time of installation. There are relatively few things to take care:

  • Backup all important data of your mobile phone. You can use Titanium Backup Pro for the same.
  • Check that your mobile is rooted or not. If yes then you can skip this step or if not then you will need to root your Galaxy Y. To root you will need to install ClockWorkRecovery Mod. You can find the complete rooting process here HOW TO ROOT GALAXY Y S5360
  • But if you are unsure whether your devices is rooted or not then download a root checker application from Google Play. That will tell you.
  • It is necessary that your phone must have more than 70% of battery left. It is very important that the device must not turn off in the process.
  • Download Creed ROM V2.5 zip file and keep in somewhere on your desktop.
  • Disable all security applications, firewall from your pc for temporary period.
  • This process will cause loss of warranty. So do the same on your own risk.

If you had done with all the above things we will move ahead with the installation of Creed ROM.

Installing Creed Rom on Samsung Galaxy Y:
Now follow all the steps below one by one to install Creed ROM. You have to completely wipe your phone storage and sd card also for this.

  • First as I said under Pre-Requirment ensure that your phone is rooted. Without rooting your device you cannot install the rom.
  • Second most important step is to install ClockWorkMod Recovery. To know how to install CWM recovery on Galaxy Y, check this article.
  • Now copy the Creed ROM V2.5 zip in the SD/Memory card of your mobile device. (NOT IN THE INTERNAL STORAGE). You can do that through usb cable.
  • Once done disconnect your phone and turn it off. You will now have to start the phone in recovery mode.
  • Press Volume up + Power + Home Button at the same time. When Samsung logo appears leave the buttons. The phone will boot in recovery mode.
  • Use the volume key to navigate up and down and middle key/power key to select it. Select Install from SD Card. Choose the Creed ROM V2.5 file and wait for some time. The rom installation will begin. The installation process will take some few minutes.
  • Once done properly restart your phone from the main menu.
  • On the first boot the phone will take some time to initialize properly. So wait back.


To see the completed Video Process of installing Creed Rom on Samsung Galaxy Y S5360, check this video:

That’s it. You are done with Creed ROM installation on Samsung Galaxy Y. You can have an ICS type interface on your screen that works really well in terms of performance and output.

Enjoy !!

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