How To Root Lava XOLO A800 Smartphone

Root Lava XOLO A800

LAVA Xolo A800 is a budget android Smartphone that comes for Rs.9600. It is a dual sim device that provides you a composite feature of 2G with 3G support. The device comes with 4.5-inch qHD IPS screen amazing for multimedia and gaming purpose. It has dual camera support. At the backside lies an 8MP camera with 0.3MP on the front side. The device is loaded with decent hardware and amazing features. Dual Core 1Ghz processor is great enough to run multiple applications on the same. Now this device comes with a factory version of Android Jellybean operating system. You can extend the possibility of your device by rooting it.

Rooting is a process through which you get super access on your phone and you can do many things. You can back up the entire rom or you can just go ahead with testing out new rom of your system. Lava Xolo A800 does not gives you any internal option through which you can unlock the rom and use it as per your need. Now here I am going to show you some ways by which you can unlock the phone rom and do number of various task. There is certain risk involved in rooting your device. I would live to highlight that before moving ahead. So that your device you do not feel sorry after rooting.

Cons of Rooting:

  • Warranty Issue: Almost all devices come locked with factory software. This is the official firmware and no company allows user to modify that. If you do that you avoid the warranty. Any issue appear in your phone will not be repair under warranty terms. So the first thing you must know that by rooting you will lose the phone warranty.
  • Bricking Issue: Sometime wrong rooting process can cause phone to brick. That means it will stuck on the boot screen. You cannot do anything in that. It will not operate nor move ahead. This is more risky on device which does not have option to restore the stock rom. Re-installing the stock rom fixes the issue. So better read the guidelines properly before moving ahead for rooting.
  • Security Issues: Rooting add super user access to your device. That means the apps in the phone can do anything now. They are not limited to access the phone os. So some apps which might come loaded with malware or virus can create problem. You have t take care for that. Many banking app does not work on rooted phones. This is due to vulnerabilities present in custom rom.


  • Download Bin4ry Rooting Tool Kit
  • Charge your phone atleast upto 70% of battery so that it should not get drained during the rooting proces or the phone will be bricked.
  • An usb cable to connect the phone with PC. Make sure you installed the Xolo USB Drivers.
  • Enable USB Debugging from Settings > Developer Options > Usb Debugging

Rooting Method:

  • To root you will need to download bin4ry as mentioned above. This toolkit helps you to run the root process.
  • Once you had downloaded the file extract the content in C:\Users. Once it is done just reboot your pc.
  • Connect the mobile phone to pc via usb cable.
  • Now go back to the same location and in that look for me.bat. Double click on the file to run. And run command skyneel~root.
  • Hit 1 from the keyboard to launch skyneel~rooted under normal mode.
  • Wait back till sometime. If everything goes well the phone will be rooted.
  • Once it over you will get a message that hit any key to end this thing. The phone is rooted know.
  • You can install apps like Titanium backup and backup your entire phone OS.

Remember that different devices come with different ways of rooting. This is for LAVA Xolo A800. Now there are some apps which can help you to get other phones rooted. You can also go ahead with install CWM in the device that not only root the phone but also modify the existing OS offering you a new interface and amazing new features. CWM is an advance custom rom which is loaded with many powerful features. The process above mentioned is a plain rooting. Through which you can add many new things in the device.

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