Lava W150 Driver and Manual

Lava W150 Driver

Lava W150 is  high speed pocket Wireless Router which you can carry along with you wherever you go. It is a kind of portable Hotspot using which you can connect your Smartphones or other portable device to Internet anytime and anywhere. Its wireless range is about 50 meters. You can connect upto 32 devices at a time. Though it is plug and play device but it depends on your computer configuration and installed softwares. Sometimes you may also face compatibility and Driver problem on several operating systems or computer/laptops.

So here i bring you its Driver which will help you to install the Router (for once and all) on your computer and start using it as portable hotspot. If you need some help, you can download its Manual as well from below.

Lava W150 Driver

Download Lava W150 Driver

Download Lava W150 Manual

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