Microsoft Will End Windows 7 Support in July; Here’s How You can Continue

Microsoft Windows 7 Support to End

Microsoft is a giant market provider in the tech world. Any update from it itself is a piece of big news. Recently, Microsoft has decided to stop its support and services for one of its masterpiece, Window 7 OS, by the year 2024. Now it is confirmed by the company itself. The news came as a shock for many users who are already using window 7, but the company took care of their old user too by providing them a chance.

They must install the upcoming March update for Windows 7. This is the Update that will mark Windows’ shift to leveraging more reliable encryption algorithm.

But the real question arising in people mind is why all of sudden they decided to stop SHA-1 access?

Microsoft basically provides its user two security algorithm SHA-1 and SHA-2. But with the advent in technology, many loopholes were found in their SHA-1 algorithm. According to PC World, SHA-1 is failing its customer and that’s why the company decided to stop its access in the future. However, the company will provide a more reliable security update to its old users in March.

The reason behind stopping the access of SHA-1 is that with the advancement of technology, many drawbacks were found in it. The security of SHA-1 is weak and it can easily be crashed at some point. Many complaints were found in that, hence makers decided to put a full stop on it. Unlike to SHA-1, SHA-2 is strong and more reliable for use. Till now there is no such issues were found in it.

A lot of contemplations were going in the mind of regular window 7 users, the company gave them a huge relief by announcing the update preferring SHA-2 security module in March. However, if the user failed to download that there will be no more update in the future and your window 7 will expire soon. So you have to be very careful about the update.

Other than this, company also decided to update some of the dated version of Windows Server Update Service too. However, Windows 10 is active heavily as compared to Window 7. According to data released by Net market share, Around 39.22 users are active on Window 10, while 36.90 users were on Window 7 till December 2018. Availability of that much user on window 7 is the main reason for the company to provide the update and make new update more secure for their customer. However, nowadays people prefer Windows 10 because it is more user-friendly and offers extraordinary features.

It is very clear from company side in their recent announcement that according to Customer running legacy OS versions must have SHA-2 algorithm installed in their devices up to July 2019. After that Microsoft will not be responsible for anything. The company made it very clear that halting on SHA-1 is for the benefit of the customer. They are doing their best to provide better to their user.

Even after all this, they are making sure that the news will spread widely and people will not miss a chance to update their devices in March.

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