10 Best Snapchat Features And Tricks You Must Know

10 Best Snapchat Tricks

Are you a Snapchat lover? If yes, then this article is for you. We have some coolest Snapchat features that perhaps you are missing out.

Although, many of the Snapchat lovers doesn’t seem to like the newest update that provides all new redesigned user interface. But, here are some of the coolest features which you are missing out and you should know. So, without wasting much time, let’s get started!

1. Add long texts to your snaps:

One of the limitations of snaps text is that you can only add a few words. But, here is the trick; you can add extra texts to your snaps by using Notes app.

To do this, first copy the desired range of blank text and copy it too the Snapchat text field. It will increase the Snapchat text field and hence, you will be able to add long texts to your snaps.

2. Save your data by enabling Travel Mode

If you are Snapchat lover, then you may know the battery and data. To save your data, enable the travel mode, it will prevent the stories to download automatically. To do this, go to Settings and tap on ‘Additional Services’, then tap ‘Manage’ to turn on the travel mode.

3. Apply your favourite filter after clicking your photo.

Yes, the newest Snapchat update allows you to apply Snapchat filters after clicking your photo. To do this, simply click your photograph and then you’ll see a ‘Smiley’ icon. Tap it and then you can select your favorite filter from the range and apply it to your photo.

4. Share your Snapchat stories on other platforms

With this new update, you can now share your Snapchat stories outside the app i.e. any other platform you want.

To do this, tap and hold your story and there you will see various option including the option to share it on other app.

5. Use Snapchat to recognise the song

If you’re using Snapchat and still don’t know about this feature then you’re definitely missing this out. You can actually use Snapchat’s Shazam integration to recognize the songs that are playing.

To do this, go to Snapchat app and tap & hold the camera’s viewfinder until it identifies the song.

6. Use the location filter and photo filter together

Snapchat doesn’t allows you to use two filters at once, but here’s the trick by which you can use a location filter and a photo filter, both at once.

To do this, click your photo and then swipe for filters. After selecting your favourite filter, hold it with one finger and use another hand to set another filter.

7. Get your Snapchat history

If you ever lose your snapchat data accidentally or you want to get back your previous snapchat data, then you can easily do this by visiting official Snapchat website and then login with your credentials. There you will find a “MYDATA” option, click it and select “Submit”. After doing this, a link to your history will be sent to your linked email id.

8. Customize your own Snapchat filters

With the recent update, snapchat allows its users to create their own filters and lenses. Hence, you can customise your own filters and lenses for any occasion. These customized filters will only available till a Pre-set time.

To do this, go to your profile and then in settings, tap on Filter & Lenses.

9. Create your own coloured filter using Emoji

Here is a trick by which you can add a pop of colour in your photos using Emoji and make it look like a filters. All you need to do is to click your photo and then select a coloured Emoji you want for ex: if you want red colour in your photo, then select a red heart Emoji and increase its size so that it fills up the screen entirely and look like a filter.

10. Discard unnecessary background stuff from your photographs using Snapchat’s Magic Eraser

To discard unwanted stuff from background, use Magic Eraser. To do this, tap on scissors icon and then tap star icon then draw over the things you want to get rid off.

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