Buy Black Shark Joystick Controller at Just ₹2

Black Shark Joystick Controller

With the introduction to mobile gaming, there has been a significant rise in gaming-specific smartphones. As a result, competition between gaming smartphones can be seen very clearly. One such company which is taking over the gaming niche is none other than Xiaomi with its gaming phone series, Black Shark. At this moment, it is at the top of the gaming segment.

Black Shark mainly focuses on India and China due to the vast market and target audience which opens the gate for great opportunities to sellers and manufacturers.

Earlier this year, the company has launched Black Shark 2 in India and now they have launched a joystick controller for the Indian users that can be used with gaming mobile phones.

Xiaomi has unveiled some accessories earlier at the time of launch of Black Shark 2, including  Nintendo’s Joycon-style left and right controllers that come along a gamepad-shaped dock, a USB-C headset, and a detachable cooling fan that comes with different modes. Since these accessories were not available then, but now the left-side controller that comes along a joystick, customizable direction buttons, and two shoulder buttons are now available for the Indian users.

The Black Shark Joystick Controller connects to a smartphone via Bluetooth. It has a 340mAH battery that is sufficient enough and has a USB-C port at the bottom for charging. Moreover, you need a buy a side-mount separately to hook up the controller. Also, these controllers are compatible with the Redmi K20/K20 Pro smartphones.

Special Offer For Black Shark 2 Owners: Buy the joystick controller at just 2 Rs.

If you own a Black Shark 2, then here is an amazing deal for you.

The controller is originally priced at ₹2,999 and the side mounts at ₹499. But, the Indian users who already own the Black Shark 2 or planning to buy one then, they just have to pay Rs. 2.

You can avail this offer after completing your purchase from Flipkart and going to its the Rewards Section.

This offer is exclusively available on Flipkart and will go on air from September 15th  to October 15th i.e for one month. Currently, this offer is unavailable.

Moreover, there are some great offers on Black Shark 2 in the Independence Day Sale on Flipkart. Both the 128GB and 256GB variants are discounted by ₹5,000.

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