3 Creative Ways to Repurpose a Wedding Dress

The wedding day is one of the most important days of every girl’s life. We spend most of our lives imagining that perfect day and of course, planning what we are going to wear. Wedding dresses are beautiful, they are special, unique, and expensive. You are going to wear this gown only once in your life, and when we think how much money we’ve spent on it, it is a bit sad that no one is going to see that dress ever again.

If you are feeling like your special dress needs to be seen more than once, we are here for you! In this article, we are going to give you some ideas on how you can repurpose that outfit and the creative ways you can help it see the light of day again. Use our guide to get some inspiration and don’t wait, start working on your gown as soon as possible!

1. Use every part of it

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There are a lot of things you can do if you decide to dismantle your whole dress. However, this would mean that you are never going to be able to use it as a dress again.

If you are up for this part, then we are here to help. If you had some beads or pearls on it, then you can take them out and make some jewelry. You can also use the material from it to create some interesting pillows or even a keepsake garter for your friends who are not married yet.

The sky is the limit when you decide to dismantle the whole thing, and if you have a friend with a toddler or if you have kids on your own, you can even make them their own little girl’s dress. Old wedding gowns make perfect blessing dresses for young children, so you can use your gown to make a little girl happy.

Another neat idea is to take out the lace and other interesting fabric and decorate things around your home. You can put that on your wedding photo album, on some photo frames, or you can even make a DIY lamb that will look beautiful.

If you still have some fabric yet, then you can use it to create a flower wrap that you can either give to a bride you know or to keep it safe for your family, kids, and grandkids.

2. Make another dress

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In case you don’t want to tear the whole thing down, you don’t have to worry! There are still things you can do to your gown to make it usable for every day.

Depending on the shape and the form of it, you can start by dying it. If you add some soft color to it, for example, light pink or peach, you can use it and wear it to someone else’s wedding or another special occasion.

In case there is too much lace on it, or if there are too many layers, then you can take some of them off, make it slimmer and reuse it.

You can always change the shape of it and create a whole new type of gown. Cathy Telle suggests that you can even open the back of your dress to create a boho style gown that can be used in the summer.

Think about every part of it and decide what would you like to stay or go. If your gown has long sleeves, think if you want them to stay there. You can cut them off, repurpose them for a photo frame, and end up with a sleeveless outfit.

Every part of the fabric that you remove, you can reuse for different things. If there was a bra cup as a part of the gown, you can take it out and create some luxury lingerie. Combine that will the lace from the sleeves and pearls from the outfit and you will look amazing.

3. Sell it, donate it or use it again

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In case you want to keep your gown as is, then you can recreate the original photoshoot years or even decades later. This way you and your husband can remember the happiest day of your lives and show your never-ending love.

If you want to make some money out of it and make another bride happy, then you can just sell your dress and make sure that some other girl out there will be as happy with it, as you were. You should know that nowadays there are a lot of brands that make these gowns, so you should lower the price of it if you want it to get sold quickly. Check to see if it is in a mint condition, and if needed, take it to the dry cleaning first.

Last but not least, in case you want to make another bride happy, but you are not looking to earn money out of it, you can donate it. There are a lot of brides out there who would really cherish your gown and they cannot afford one on their own.

Don’t forget that you can reuse and repurpose every single part of it. Make a clutch or a scarf from the small parts of the fabric, or create a cocktail dress from the whole gown. You can even make some things for your kids, including blankets, covers, or dresses for your child’s dolls.

Another thing you can do with it is transforming it into some art and get it framed. Your whole family can be a part of this. Just take some colors, scissors, and do whatever you want with it. When you are done with your project, you can get it framed and keep it forever in your home.

There are a lot of companies that can help you out with your goal, and they can even create several dresses from one gown. So, if you don’t think you have the needed skills to make it into a cocktail dress, or if you want to create a whole different outfit, you should contact a service that will make your dreams come true.

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