Now make Free Voice Calls via Google Hangouts

Google Voice Calling feature which we saw on Google Voice is soon to be added on Hangouts. Google is adding this feature for all the countries worldwide but it would take some time for all the countries to receive the update. For iPhone and Web users there will be no manual update instead they can use the feature directly without updating their apps.

Android users need to update the Hangouts app manually to 2.3 app version. Hangouts will receive Google Voice features when updated to version 2.3 and whenever the calls are made from Hangouts, they will be made with the Google’s Voice phone number and it will act as a caller ID.

Hangouts can also make sms through the Google Voice Number, not only this Hangout will be receiving the Voicemails in future. Google will add the Voicemails feature in the Hangouts app with transcription as well as audio playback. Hangouts will also get updated with the material design of Android L.

Google is also stated that they will reduce the price for International calls of Google Voice. Google also stated that from now onwards Apple will only get support for Google Voice Calling and SMS and also for Voicemails when it will be added.

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