7 DIY Hacks to Improve Your Golf Cart

Golf is one of the most popular games in the world. Unfortunately, however, golfers are unable to get out onto the course at the moment because of the SARS-CoV-19 virus. In many countries, non-essential travel and exercise are banned, including golf. While this is very irritating and while it does present a problem for avid golfers, as with every cloud, there is a silver lining. The silver lining on this one is that it gives you time to improve your golf cart and fix it up so that when you do get back on the course, you will have the best cart there is.

Yes, this article, as you may have already gathered, will tell you seven DIY hacks that will improve your golf cart’s performance tremendously. Long days on the course can become even longer without your golf cart, or with a poor performing golf cart. By the end of this article, however, your cart will be the crème de la crème of golf carts. With this simple guide, you needn’t spend thousands of dollars on a state-of-the-art golf cart, and rather, you can make your own DIY additions and hacks to turn your run-of-the-mill cart into a top-of-the-line cart.

So, if you are a golf fanatic and want to know how you can improve your golf cart, you’ve come to the right place. Here are seven DIY hacks you can use to improve your golf cart.

The Golf Cart

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The golf cart was designed over fifty-years-ago to improve the speed and pace of play [of golf] and to provide golfers a more relaxing environment when moving around the course. Golf carts now, however, are multi-purpose vehicles, that are used for a wide range of things, from driving around gated communities, to security vehicles on private estates. Golf carts can be used for a multitude of other activities, too, from fishing to hunting. In some communities, where driving golf carts on the road is legal, drivers need to drive a lot faster than some golf carts can, which is why we have compiled this guide. In this guide, we will tell you how you can improve the speed, efficiency, and performance of your golf cart.

Type of Cart

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It is important to know which type of golf cart you have before you start making adjustments. On this page, we will be discussing both gas and electric golf carts, to give owners of either the opportunity to improve their golf carts performance. Considering that we will be instructing you on how to improve your golf cart, you may want to just pick up a second-hand one to maximize your savings. Instead of buying a brand-new cart, get an old one, and make it new with our guide. Second-hand carts are great, and according to the golf cart experts of Carts and Parts, they are a lot easier on your budget. Now, let’s answer our titular question, shall we?

Seven Ways to Improve Your Golf Cart

Adjust the Governor

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Adjusting the governor on a gas-powered golf cart is relatively easy. Most golf carts have a maximum speed of around fifteen miles per hour, which is relatively slow, but still sufficient enough to maintain a good speed of gameplay. On a gas golf cart, by adjusting the ground speed governor you can improve the speed of your cart. An external governor uses a rod near the cart’s clutch which is attached to a cable; you can increase your speed by turning the rods nut counter-clockwise, which makes the cable length, and increases your cart’s speed and governance.

Gear Ratio

Golf carts ordinarily come with a gear ratio of twelve to one. You can reduce your gear ratio to six to one, which will rotate the wheel a whole turn with only six shaft revolutions. This can increase the speed up to twelve miles per hour, but with the added speed, you will lose torque.


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Improving a golf cart’s RPM is relatively easy and is a great way for achieving higher levels of speed. Methods for increasing RPM differs between gas and electric golf carts. The method differs, but the effect is the same. Increasing RPM will produce a much higher and faster speed. With a gas cart, you can replace the engine with one that has a higher RPM output, and with an electrical cart, you can change the electric motor.

Controller and Motor

When trying to improve the speed of an electric golf cart, you can try upgrading the motor and the controller. By upgrading both, you will increase the speed massively.


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Upgrading the controller can, of course, increase your golf cart’s torque, without having an effect on the speed. You can double your torque by increasing your entry-level 275A stock controller to a 400A controller. This is a fantastic way to improve your pulling power and your golf cart. You can do this with very little mechanical and DIY knowledge.

Tire Size

One of the simplest and easiest ways to improve the speed of your golf cart is to inflate the tires more. Larger tires will have a larger diameter, which means your speed will increase. The pressure should, hopefully, not create an uncomfortable ride. Never increase your tire size past the manufacturers’ recommendations.

Lighten the Load

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Removing useless accessories and additions to your cart can also increase its speed somewhat. If you have multiple spare tires on your cart, or useless additions, consider removing them. Some people have found great success in improving their carts’ speed by removing the roof. If you are in a hot environment, however, this may not be a good idea, for you may wind up with terrible sunburn!

Precautionary Measures

You must never make additions to your cart that exceed the manufacturer’s recommendations. You can break your cart by making too many changes to it, so if you intend on making some, be sure to consult the manufacturer and ask whether or not it is a sensible idea!

With the help of this page, you now know how to improve your golf cart’s performance. We will all soon be back on the golf course, so for the time being, let’s improve our experience when we do get back! This page should have told you one way you can improve your golfing experience.

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