Last Packing list for Female Travelers

Every girl has a traveling bucket list that she is yearning to tick off. Isn’t that right? Traveling is therapeutic and the best way to experience life, diverse cultures, and the world. Though there is one aspect of traveling that can give us all a nightmare. It keeps us awake and that aspect is packing. When it comes to packing, we are often confused as to what to take and what not to take, often taking unnecessary items while leaving the crucial ones behind.

Thus, to help you pack the perfect bag for your vacations whether for a week or a month or a year, we are discussing a few tips in this blog. Surely, you would need to make a few changes to this list as per the destination and travel duration. But most of these items are essential and it will keep the bag lighter too.

Best packing list for female travelers

  1. Determine whether to take a backpack or suitcases

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Are you the girl who loves to throw a backpack on? Or do you prefer the suitcase more? Well, it is not only about choice, but practical reasons also matter. For long-term traveling, a backpack is a better option as lugging the suitcase around is not feasible. They are not durable enough, and the backpack makes it easy to hop on to local transport with ease during your travels. Though, suitcases can give you more space to pack things. So at the end, it will depend on a lot of things. So, think well about your destination, duration of the trip, and pick up a travel companion accordingly.

Depending on the duration of your trip, you can decrease or increase the size of your luggage. Also, it is smart to carry a tote or handbag, in which you can put some cash, copies of your documents (keep the original ones secured), and all electronic items. Carry a safety net too for keeping your day bag with all electronics in it safe.

  1. Ensure to pack all important documents

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An international trip without a visa and passport is not possible. Therefore, in a pouch, pack all the necessary documents and have copies of them in your tote too. The documents include:

  • Passport
  • Visa and related documents
  • International driving license
  • Health card and emergency contact information
  • Travel journals and guidebook
  1. Clothing 101: What to pack?

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Undergarments are the first thing you should pack as you may not get the preferred choice everywhere. If you’re backpacking through cities and countries, packing limited clothes is okay, as you can find cheaper clothes at your destination, especially if going to Asian countries.

  • Jeans at least two pairs for exploring cities. Pair it with any top or t-shirt (2 of them are enough)
  • Shorts for a comfortable trip, unless visiting a place where wearing shorts in public is not okay.
  • Bathing suit
  • Washable trousers or pants for a trip to the tropics.
  • 2 pair of socks of different weight
  • One evening dress if you are planning to visit a nice restaurant or an event or have a date
  • One casual dress
  • One pair of sneakers and hiking sandals
  • Stilettos only if you are packing a dress
  • A travel hat
  • One plain skirt
  • Two pairs of night wears and gym clothes
  • Winter clothes- at least one heavy jacket, one lightweight jacket, sweaters, and pullovers. Boots too!
  1. Items for intimate fun


If you are traveling with your partner, make sure you pack a few intimate essential items too. Things like intimate toys can stimulate an evening of fun that much more. It is best to pack it with you as buying during traveling may not be a great idea. You can buy great sex toys with the best deals online from Cirillas.

  1. Toiletries and makeup- women’s personal items

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It depends on personal choices and the place you are going. For exploring the hot desert, full-on makeup is unnecessary as it is too humid. Though, for a party or disco night, you may need it.

Pack these basics in your makeup/toiletries pouch:

  • Sunscreen
  • Face wash, lotion, and moisturizer
  • Shampoo and conditioner, go for a leak-proof bottle. If you can find the brand at the place you are going, drop it from the list. (For long-term travel)
  • Bodywash
  • Dental floss, toothpaste, and toothbrush
  • Eye mask, contact lenses, and sunglasses
  • All makeup items that you use.
  1. Medical kit

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For a trip that lasts a week or 15 days, you only need emergency medicines for flu, cough, fever, and period cramps. But for a long-term journey, stock-up on:

  • Period pants, tampons, menstrual cups, or pads (whichever you prefer). Keep in mind, the place you go to may not have the one you usually prefer, so having a good stock of these items is necessary.
  • Pantyliners
  • Blister pads and heating pads
  • Medicines for diarrhea, fever, and constipation
  • Antibacterial ointment
  • Also, make sure to get all the vaccinations before you leave your country for any tropical or Asian countries.
  1. Electronics and other items

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  • Skip books and opt for a kindle to save space.
  • Laptop and charger
  • Phone and charger
  • A universal adaptor
  • A lock for securing your hotel room or hostels
  • Personal alarm for safety. It beeps loudly if you press it, better than a pepper spray, which is illegal in many countries.

Things you can avoid while packing

Jewelry: It is fine to carry artificial or cheap jewelry with you. Though, avoid wearing flashy, diamond, or gold jewelry when traveling. Do not bring any piece of jewelry that will make your heart heavy if you lose it. Besides, buying jewelry at your destination is cheap and a fun souvenir to keep.

Money belts: We know it sounds heartbreaking to read that your favorite piece of travel accessory is something you need to leave behind. But it’s necessary as a money belt is like a beacon for thieves, easy to rob. Instead, stash your cash in unique places, like socks or shoes, to keep it safer. Another tip is to carry a dummy purse to keep yourself safe from mugging.

The above listicle will work as a guide for you. Though you have to make a few tweaks according to climate and destinations, the rest of the items on this list is a must for a female traveler. Pack these and enjoy the world, it is waiting to be explored!

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