How Long Does It Take to See Results From Microneedling

The expression “everything for beauty” is getting more and more important with each new method of rejuvenation, and we present to you one of those that is talked about a lot and little is known. Microneedle treatment is an effective non-surgical method intended for the removal of wrinkles and scars caused by acne, stretch marks, pigmentation, completely without contraindications. It can be performed on the face, neck, and cleavage, and the micro-injuries that occur during this procedure are invisible to the naked eye. They stimulate natural regeneration, because in the phase of self-healing there is an increased production of connective tissue cells, and thus collagen.

What exactly is Microneedling?

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Microneedling improves circulation and enables the active substances from the preparation to penetrate the skin faster, better and deeper. Although it can be performed as a stand-alone procedure, it is most effective when combined with other cosmetic treatments and care products. The skin is first treated with a mild peeling, after which an appropriate serum (with vitamin C, peptides, hyaluronic acid, or retinol) is applied; followed by micro-needling, then a special mask, and finally – cream. In this way, the effect of nutrients is enhanced, and the results on the face become even more visible.

How long does it last and is it painful?

The whole process takes about 2 hours (preparation, other cosmetic treatments, and micro-needling itself – about 30 minutes). It could be said that the treatment is more unpleasant than painful, but that is why you can always ask for the application of a local anesthetic.

In most cases, the redness completely disappears from the face 24 hours after the treatment, while in sensitive people it can last up to 48 hours.

What is achieved with this treatment?

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The result of skin penetration is the stimulation of the creation of new collagen and elastin that repair skin damage caused by old acne scars, wrinkles are reduced, hyperpigmentation is reduced and the skin takes on a more beautiful, taut, youthful appearance.

The effect of micro-needling is not instantaneous because the skin takes time to heal naturally and create new collagen, but the results are long-lasting as the immune system accepts its collagen and elastin tissue instead of trying to attack or break it down as with synthetic or foreign materials. You can check this to learn more about this treatment.

How many treatments are needed to notice the effect?

The effect of this treatment is not noticeable immediately and more visits are needed. At the first visit, the expert usually checks if there are any contraindications to performing this procedure. You will then be fully informed of the expected effect. To achieve the desired results, 4-6 treatments with intervals of 4-6 weeks between each are recommended. To treat deeper scars, sometimes more treatment is needed.

How to care for the skin after treatment?

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Until the redness passes, ie a minimum of 24 hours, do not use makeup (all brushes and sponges must be adequately cleaned). Before going to bed, be sure to put a clean and ironed pillow and for the next week in a wide arc, avoid the sun, sauna, pool, gym, and all other physical activities that lead to sweating to avoid irritation.
Sunbathing, possible going to the solarium, and aggressive cosmetic treatments are strictly forbidden until the skin is completely regenerated. Beware of dust and dirt, after leaving the house, be sure to use creams with a UV protection factor of 50, and at home, apply light moisturizing creams so that the skin regains the necessary moisture as quickly as possible.

Microneedling works on the skin in two ways:

Different layers of the skin (epidermis and dermis) are damaged by thin needles and micro-injuries are created that are invisible to the naked eye. It stimulates the natural regeneration of the skin. Self-healing occurs and the production of its fibroblast (a connective tissue cell that has a building role) increases, which is converted into collagen and elastin, which binds to the old collagen in the skin.

Microneedles increase the permeability of the skin and encourage the opening of channels on cell membranes, which allows the active substances to penetrate to the appropriate depths in the skin while achieving a visible and long-lasting result.

With this treatment, micro-needles penetrate the skin between 0.2 and 3.0 mm. In this way, it acts on different layers of the skin, which aims to: lift the face, neck, and cleavage, remove wrinkles on any part of the body (arms, legs, abdomen, hands, part of the skin around the ears, the area between the breasts), remove hyperpigmentation, reducing pores, removing scars and stretch marks and refreshing and improving the appearance of the skin after the first treatment.

Derma roller and Derma pen – differences

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The first and most widespread device used for this treatment is a derma roller that looks like a small roller with needles. This device has a fixed length of needles (usually 0.5 mm) that pierce the skin.

In contrast, with a newer device, the derma pen (which looks like a pencil), the lengths of the needles can be adjusted to the patient and the place on the skin. Derma pen is also considered safer to use because the needles are not cleaned but discarded after use.

Since the derma pen pierces the skin vertically (at an angle of about 90 degrees), many also claim that this device is less painful. Due to the speed of the needles and the inclination of the device, the use of a derma pen has a lower possibility of bleeding, and thus shortens the recovery time.

Final thoughts

The research showed that the improvement of scar tissue is about 55%, while the satisfaction of patients with the results is 90%. A clinical study confirmed in 80% of patients the improvement of their acne scars after only 30 days, ie 1 treatment, and in as many as 90% of them, the improvement was visible after 3 treatments. That is why we should not be surprised that many women choose this treatment as their favorite.

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