Download RasbeanJelly 4.3 Android 4.3 Custom ROM


It is an advance feature rom. If you need lots of new thing with new UI then this rom would be a great choice. This is actually designed for Nexus devices. But still you can use it on your own device also. This rom works really well and has minimum performance issue. It is recommended to test and use this on high end devices only. Now in devices like Nexus you get ample of bloat ware in stock rom that affect the phone’s performance.

To avoid that you can install this one and it will boost the performance output. It will work fine and will not provide you any problem associated with multi-tasking. It works well on high end devices which are powered by a dual core CPU or higher and alteast 2GB of ram. This rom is just an alternative to Google’s existing stock OS. It has no bloatware in it and other things are similar. In terms of device support it comes with certain limitations.

RasbeanJelly-4.3Download RasbeanJelly 4.3

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