Technology to Help Your Car From Being Stolen

The latest in car security technology is a system that will help prevent theft of your car. You may have heard about this system. This system or another like it may be able to save you thousands of dollars if your car is stolen. How does this technology work? Let’s find out.

When you drive your car, there are things that happen between you and the car you are driving. For example, you turn on the ignition and the car lights on. Magnetic field lines up with the antenna of the vehicle and the signal is sent to the brain of the car. It recognizes the signal. The car then stops.

The problem with this system is that if someone breaks into your car while you are not there, the alarm will not go off. The problem is that it is triggered by an outside source. That outside source could be someone who is breaking into your car or it could be a thief. Both of these are possibilities.


To prevent the theft of your car, you need to purchase a theft deterrent lock. These systems have two purposes. The first use is to keep your car safe. In other words, it alerts you when someone attempts to access your car or even goes through the doors. This way, if the person attempting to get into the car wants to leave right away, they know the alarm will go off and they will be apprehended without any damage being done to your car.

The second use of the theft deterrent system is to avoid your car from being stolen. How does this work? The technology uses radio frequency technology. Basically, the car is programmed with a special code. If that code is used over again by the same person, it will cause the alarm to go off and alert the monitoring center. From there, the authorities can be alerted and you will be safely on the road with your vehicle.

With today’s technology, you have another option besides a flashing signal. Other kinds of technology include an ultrasound sensor that will not only sound an alarm but also activate the car’s alarm system. This technology works best in cars that are equipped with trunk locking devices.

Not only is technology helping to protect your car from theft. There are also a number of items you can buy to help keep your car safe. Items like GPS trackers and alarms can help you protect your car. There is no reason for you to let someone take your car unless you are certain you know where they are going to take it. With GPS tracking, you can follow a vehicle to ensure it always stays where it is supposed to be.


Technology is only going to continue to grow as more cars are stolen. Make sure you are using the latest technology to help your car from being stolen. If you ever need any information about the theft or how to prevent it from happening, contact a local auto body shop.

Technology is also helping you to find a way to save on fuel. By using the latest computer chip technology, you can determine which areas of your car are consuming the most fuel. You can then install a car cooling system to prevent the engine from overheating. The coolant level must be checked once a month to make sure that there are no leaks. If your car has an air conditioner, you can install a fan that will speed up the air-conditioning process.

Another popular technology to help your car from being stolen is an immobilizer. These immobilizers have a magnetic field that prevents the car from being started when the driver’s keys are turned into the wrong hands. This means that the thief will have no idea whether the car has been stolen or not. Even if the owner knew that the car had been stolen, they would have no way of knowing whether the immobilizer prevented the car from being started.

Another type of technology to help keep your vehicle safe is steering wheel locks. This is helpful in preventing thieves from taking your steering wheel because if someone tried, they would not be able to drive it into a building or on a truck. Steering wheel locks can be hardwired to a specific car or they can be removable for convenience. Both are very helpful in deterring thieves.


Another helpful piece of technology to help your car from being stolen is an anti-theft system. These devices help to keep your car safe by detecting when the car is taken out of a parking space, or when it is jostled around inside a car. If this alarm was triggered, a signal will be sent to the central control center where it will be checked to see if the alarm is working. If it is not, it will be locked so that only the owner will be able to unlock it.

A lot of these gadgets or functions already come equipped in these new cars. It is standard and you don’t have to pay more for an upgrade. You may consider finding a reputable warranty company that can cover these features once your manufacturer’s warranty expires. Searching online at sites such as or other well known companies can provide more information.

As you can see, there are so many different technologies that can help prevent your car from being stolen. Even something like the car starter that has been out for awhile now has its own thief prevention. If a car is started with a remote starter, and you press on the gas without having the keys in the ignition, it will automatically shut off. Something like this is great for the winter months and beats breaking the law by having your car starting with the keys in the ignition in your driveway, giving thieves easy access to steal your car.

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