4 Best Times to Place Sports Bets – When to Place Your Wager?

Sports Bets

Sports betting is extremely popular, especially now with the World Cup going on, but in order to make the most out of your wager, there are certain things you should pay closer attention to.

That is why we will try and help you pick the best time to place sports bets, which is advice you can later use on many renowned online bookmakers’ sites like bet at home.

1. As soon as you find out the lineups


Even the best teams and huge favorites in one game can have a bad day against underdogs and lose the game, and that’s precisely what makes sports so interesting, as you never truly know what will happen next.

On the other hand, getting all the info you can before placing any wager is the first step towards success, and also why knowing who plays and whether there are some squad changes or not can help a lot when betting.

Namely, in football, due to the tight schedule, many coaches tend to change their team, especially to save some of their better players for more important games.

From the football perspective, this is entirely understandable, but from the perspective of the one betting on that team, this can be a bit tricky. Those who play fantasy have even more things to worry about, but let’s leave that for some other time.

Overall, knowing all the details about the match can only help you make a better decision, which is why waiting until you find out who will actually play can save you a few bucks.

2. As soon as bookmakers give the odds

bet odds

Okay, this might sound contradictory, as the bookmakers provide the odds much before the game is going to be played, meaning that there is no real chance for you to know the starting lineup. Now, the goal here is to make the most out of your investment and placing a bet as soon as you find out the odds can be extremely beneficial.

Of course, it’s about wagering only on those games you are entirely certain that you can and will guess the outcome, meaning that firm favorites have the primary role here.

As for why and how doing so can help win more money, it’s simple when bookmakers give the odds on some game, if nothing unforeseen happens, those odds are going to be the highest you will get. It’s all about the system and how it works, as we all know that the odds changes with time.

Now, some people don’t understand that bets on that specific game influence and determine the future odds and are the main reason why the odds are changing.

Of course, that leads us to the main topic, and if you want to bet on a favorite, if you wait for a few days, the odds will be much smaller because many people would already place a bet on that game, and that team. That is why wagering as soon as you find out the odds can make you more money in the long run.

3. Live to bet

Live to bet

One of the great benefits of placing a bet online is that we can follow the odds and bet on live events. Those with some experience are well aware of this feature, but those new to this might find it complicated. Live betting gives you a chance to place a bet on a match that is currently being played.

That gives so many options, especially if you are watching a game and the underdog scores first, for example. These things happen often, and this is a great time to wager a few bucks on the favorite, as the odds on them will get much higher.

Of course, one thing that affects the odds and should also play a role in your decision-making is the time left. It’s because you don’t want to place a bet if there are only a few minutes left, as the chances for you to win will get much smaller.

On the other hand, this can also be extremely profitable, as the odds get as high as possible in those types of situations, which is why we will leave this decision to your personal preferences with just one piece of advice, listen to your gut feeling.

4. Don’t just bet on the outcome of the match

betting live

We had limited options on what we could bet for many years, but today, there are so many events on which we can wager within a game that can bring us huge profits. Take football as an example, as the outcome of the match is just one event, and we can also bet on the number of goals, who will score first, and whether there will be a penalty or even a red card.

The offer of these events is vast, which just means that we can and should separate bets and make the most out of one game.

Of course, one thing that often happens to people is that they get carried away, so stick to those things you actually know can happen, and don’t rely solely on pure luck. Betting on goals in football, or the number of points in basketball or the NFL can be more profitable than betting on the outcome. On the other hand, predicting and guessing these things can be much easier than determining who will win in a match.

This World Cup is probably the best example of that, as Portugal was a firm favorite in their game against Morocco, but Morocco proved to be a tough nut to crack and actually beat Portugal and went to the semifinals.

Many people have surely placed bets on Portugal to win, but a much better choice was to bet on a low number of goals because even though Portugal is a highly potent team attacking-wise, Morocco defends even better, and two goals max was something you could expect from this game.

It is just one plain example of how one small thing can determine whether you will win money, so don’t ignore these events within the game on which bet.

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