6 Must-Have Gear and Accessories for ATV Enthusiasts

There really isn’t a better way to spend free time than exploring new areas that you cannot do via car, and ATVs are the best vehicles for that. Of course, before you embark on that journey, it’s important to check the essential, and in this case, must-have gear and accessories.

1. Helmet

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Yes, having the best time driving ATVs in various areas is one thing, but safety always comes first. That is why we will first focus on quality gear that will protect drivers in all situations. Understandably, it all starts with helmets, as this is one accessory that is simply a must.

Now, there are various methods regarding how to determine whether the helmet is made out of quality materials, whether it grants high protection, and whether it’s comfortable to wear, but going with a renowned brand will help you make that decision much faster.

Namely, there are many companies that create protection gear for drivers of all ages, and in most cases, you can even order a custom-made one. We also want to look the best while enjoying the ride, and at certain renowned sites, you can find everything you might need, from various Polaris parts to accessories and protection gear.

2. Goggles and gloves

Another type of equipment every ATV enthusiast simply needs to have, especially if they are planning to drive off-road, is goggles and gloves. The reason is pretty simple, while the first item will help you navigate through dust and wind, the second one will help provide a solid grip so that you can steer in the desired direction much better. Another reason why one would need gloves is comfort, as driving ATVs without them will soon cause blisters, which can ruin the entire experience.

Of course, the weather factor is also something that both these items can help a lot with, and once again, if riding in the mud is something you prefer, then everything mentioned above is simply a must. Besides protection and making the ride much more comfortable, protection gear is also there to help make the most out of your voyage, so driving without it is not recommended.

3. Battery charger

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This is one of the essential accessories to have as an ATV owner, as regardless of how much time one plans to enjoy driving it, keeping the battery on charge is a must. Keep in mind that these batteries are pretty small, meaning that they die much faster than on some other vehicles, and to avoid any uncomfortable situation, make sure to keep the battery on charge at all times.

Now, there are many types and less and a bit more costly option battery charger-wise, but if you really want to make the most of it, go with a solar charger.

Of course, this is only for those living in sunny areas so that the charger can work, and when buying one, make sure to go with the one under 5 watts. Smart chargers are yet another option, but regardless of what you do, the important thing is to have a battery charger to truly enjoy the ride without having to worry that your ATV will stop in the middle of nowhere.

4. GPS tracking device

Many people think they do not need a GPS tracking device because they can simply open navigation applications on their mobile phones and get accurate instructions whenever it is needed. Although these apps can be pretty handy, relying only on them while driving an ATV is never a good idea because of many reasons. They are not tailored to the trails, and hence that they are not always accurate enough, and the mobile phone can easily run out of battery or lose signal, which can cause problems.

On the other side, GPS tracking devices have much more accurate maps, they are usually water-resistant, their batteries last much longer, and they allow you to communicate and send location even when your mobile phone does not have reception. Besides that, these devices have an SOS button, and if the person presses it, all the local response teams will be alarmed and get an accurate location, which is extremely important when it comes to emergency situations.

5. Winch

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If someone drives an ATV and never gets stuck, they have never experienced the real fun of driving it. ATVs are usually driven on muddy roads, and getting stuck occasionally is absolutely normal, so it is important to be prepared to pull it out from the mud. It is when the which becomes the most important accessory one can have with them, as it is almost impossible to continue driving without it.

Of course, it is important to learn how to use it properly, which can be a little tricky for beginners, but there is no need to be nervous, as it should be fun, not stressful.

6. First aid kit

We all know that the first aid kit is something we should always have in our vehicle, no matter if we drive a truck, car, or motorcycle, as it can literally save our life. Driving an ATV is considered even more dangerous than driving a motorcycle, and because of that, the first aid kit is something every person should get with them while on the road.

We are not going to be pessimistic and try to scare you with some severe injuries, but the first aid kit can be extremely useful if you, for example, cut your finger or have a small injury that is more annoying than painful, as you will be able to bandage it.

To summarize

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Driving an ATV is a perfect way to relieve the stress after a long day at work or to have some fun with friends who love these vehicles too, but it is not enough just to start driving, as there are some gear and accessories every person must have with them while on the road. These are only some of the more important ones, but there are much more of them, and every driver should decide which to buy based on their own needs.

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