LG UX 5.0 brings Impressive Camera Features, Always-on mode, Friends Manager and more

LG UX 5.0 Introduction

LG UX 5.0 Introduction

Just after days of introducing Flagship LG G5, the company has now introduced all new LG UX 5.0 adding some impressive features to its devices, specially for LG G5. It is an Android 6.0 Marshmallow based UI bringing a lot of amazing Camera Features, Always-on mode, Friends Manager and more.

LG UX 5.0 has a new app called ‘LG Friends Manager’ that helps users to comfortably pair and control LG Friends like LG Cam Plus, LG Hi Fi Plus and more. Apart from that, with this new update, LG address really interesting features to the camera that includes Auto Shot, Multi View, Zoom In & Out, Pop-out picture, 360 Wallpaper, and Film effect. You are really going to love it.

Take a look at this official Introduction video for LG UX 5.0:


As shown, there’s also New Home screen, Always-on mode and lots more. As of now, LG hasn’t revealed the list of LG smartphones or tablets who will receive UX 5.0, but we will keep you updated with the same.

As of now, lets take the look at detailed list of LG UX 5.0 Features:

  • LG Friends Manager: Intuitively detects nearby accessories for easy pairing with LG G5, easily downloading and installing all the required apps from the Google Play Store. Generates a different display for each LG Friend. When paired with the 360 CAM, the screen on the G5 will display photo previews and the available shooting modes.
  • New Home: Combined Home Screen with the App Drawer to simplify the user experience.
  • LG Health: Upgraded LG Health provides a Beginner as well as Advanced mode matched to the user’s profile.
  • Always-on: With Always-on, all your key information including the date, notifications and SMS icon are displayed on the screen at all times.
  • Smart Doctor: Keep your G5 performing at its optimal level with solutions and tips based on your usage habits.
  • World Clock: Enhanced with an attractive graphical user interface, the smart clock displays the time in selected cities around the world and immediately syncs them to whatever local time you set for easy scheduling of phone calls and meetings.
  • File Manager: Navigate the G5 as easily as navigating your PC with direct access to any folders or files indicated by the directory path at top. Use the new search filter to find documents, videos and images anywhere on your G5.
  • Quick Help: Find answers to any questions about the G5 quickly and easily or request feedback by e-mail.
  • LG Backup: Use LG Backup and NFC to restore conveniently from other Android phones and now record conversations from your favorite messenger app.
  • Diverse Security Method: In addition to LG’s familiar Knock Code, accurate fingerprint recognition is now built into LG UX 5.0 to provide added convenience and security.
  • Camera Features:
    1. Zoom In & Out – Seamlessly switch between the standard 78-degree lens to the 135-degree wide angle lens by simply pinching the screen
    2. Auto Shot – An enhanced version of Gesture Shot, take the perfect selfies with this smart feature which triggers the shutter as soon as the users’ face is recognized
    3. Multi View – Captures different angles of images at the same exact moment using the front and rear cameras of the G5 and the LG 360 CAM.
    4. 360 Wallpaper – Images taken with the LG 360 CAM can be displayed as a 360 panorama, shifting in sync with movements of the G5.
    5. Pop-out Picture – Combine two images taken simultaneously with the standard and wide angle lens to create a picture-in-a-frame effect.
    6. Film Effect – Raise the level of effects with this set of filters that deliver an “analog” feel to photos. Use Camera Preview to preview and change a filter on the fly before taking the shot.

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