Birth of Rome

Birth of Rome Patch v1.03c

Birth of Rome is another game based on the city of the Rome. The game is a fighting arcade where the players have to fight the enemies and protect the city. The game begins with the setting up of the city; flag, towers etc. protect the villagers and also train your battalions. Here are some…

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Alea Jacta Est

Alea Jacta Est Patch v1.03c

AleaJactaEst is one of the massively played fighter arcade. It is developed by AGEOD with the good gameplay, design and graphics. The game involves fights related to the internal state of the roman empire. This patch consist of some major fixes and updates. Corrections have been made in its graphics and maps. There are fixes…

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Scourge of War: Chancellorsville

Scourge of War: Chancellorsville Patch v1.61

Scourge of War: Chancellorsville is a tactical war game with amazing 3D graphics and AI. The game features the American Civil war displaying the battlefield. It has about 20 single player scenarios to explore. Player may take the role of union or confederate forces. It actually depicts the tactical problems and challenges that faced the…

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Advanced Tactics: Gold

Advanced Tactics: Gold Patch v2.15i

Advanced Tactics: Gold is a strategy game and is substantially replay-able game. It is the extension of the advanced Tactics: WWII. The new edition of Gold features much improvement from the early version like better and powerful players, better engine, more abilities etc. you would also find new graphics and scenarios. This patch would update…

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Din's Curse

Din’s Curse v1.027 Beta Patch

Din’s curse is an action arcade. It is developed by soldak entertainment. It has both single player and multiplayer action mode. The game has its base in the depths of peril game engine. There are many levels in the game. The player has to fight the monster and win each level. The patch has fixed…

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Might & Magic Heroes

Might & Magic Heroes VI Patch v2.1.1

Might and Magic heroes VI is the new version of Might & Magic. This sequel features some new styles and now mines can be acquired by the players after capturing main town or the fort. The game features three creatures – Core, Elite and champion. The game features some of the best graphics and scenarios….

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