Reliance Jio Preview now available to any 4G Smartphone

Reliance Jio logo

Reliance Jio Preview has been expanded now to any 4G LTE compatible smartphone. Not limited to only Lyf or Samsung or LG smartphones. If you are having any brand’s mobile that supports 4G connectivity, you are now eligible for Jio 4G Preview. If you don’t know, JIO Preview offers unlimited 4D data access for 90 days along with unlimited HD video calls and SMS.

Reliance started offering Jio 4G Preview to employee’s friends and family only via invitation back in December, then it was expanded to Lyf Smartphones which was later made available for few selected Samsung flagship smartphones. While last week Reliance made it available for any Samsung or LG phones that support 4G LTE.

But now, if you have any brand’s 4G compatible phone, you can now get Jio 4G Preview right away and use unlimited data. Good part is you don’t even require to generate any Code to get it. Simply walking with your 4G phone and KYC documents to nearest Reliance Digital or Mini store or Jio partner store and get Jio SIM card for free.

This is the perfect time to get Jio Preview. No more buying Lyf or any Samsung or LG phones. Get the Unlimited fasted 4G Data access on your current phone and watch unlimited movies or listed unlimited music along with access to all Jio Apps suite. You also get 1500 local calls and SMS absolutely free for 3 months with Jio Preview.

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