Update any Android Smartphone to Android O [Android 8.0]

Android O Theme

Android O is now officially announced and is available in Beta version for few Google’s own devices including Pixel, Pixel C, Pixel XL, Nexus 5X, Nexus 6P and Nexus Player. The new Update comes with host of new features and it is easy to install. But what about other devices? Even after its final release, obviously Android O will be available only for recent flagship smartphones. If you are using a year old device, i doubt if you are ever going to get this update on your phone.

But what if you can get all the looks and feel of Android O right away on any of your Android smartphone? I mean, any Android smartphone. That’s correct. In just a few minutes, using two APK files, you can get Android O on your phone. Let’s find it out.

Instructions :

  • You must have a Rooted Android device and it must be running atleast Android 5.0 Lollipop.
  • Now download/install Substratum from PlayStore.
  • Now download/install Android O theme from PlayStore.
  • Launch the Substratum App. You must see Android O Theme.
  • Tap Android O Overlay > Enable ‘Select to toggle all Overlay’ > Select Build and Enable at the bottom.
  • You are done !

Now just wait for few minutes, let the app change the overlay. Once done, restart the device and you will see all new Interface, like Android O. This will change the Dialer, keyboard, Navbar, Notification Panel, Settings, Calculator and Quick Toggles to look like the new Android O. Enjoy !

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