WhatsApp added Albums and Filters Features in new Update

WhatsApp Albums

World’s most popular Instant Messaging app WhatsApp keeps adding new features every week or month to make it more comfortable and feature friendly for users. Now, they have brought 2 new features to the messenger, that are Albums, Filters and Reply Shortcut. Yes, you read it correct. You can now send multiple photos as Album to other WhatsApp users.

Available as of now only for iPhone users with version 2.17.30, when a user send 5 or more pictures or videos, all these stuffs will be sent as an Album to the recipient. All these pictures will be grouped with a title. When the recipient will tap it, he will see the pictures or videos in Full screen.

WhatsApp Album feature

That’s interesting and will keep our Chat screen more clean and clear. Another very important feature WhatsApp bringing is ‘Filters‘. Yes, like Instagram or other similar apps, now you can add filters to your pictures before sharing it.

How to use the filters? When you select a photo to share or Capture a new one, simply swipe up the screen to see the filters. Add anyone of them and send. As of now, only 5 filters are added that includes Black and White, Pop, Chrome, Cool and Film. You can add filters on photos, videos, as well as GIFs directly from WhatsApp. No need to use other apps anymore.

Another very cool feature WhastApp has added is Quick Replies. What is it? You can now Simply Swipe to the Right and start replying the messages. We hope these features gets to Android users too very soon. Anyways, ever since Facebook acquired WhatsApp, we have seen many upgrades and we expect more.

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