How to get iPhone X ‘Notch’ on any Android phone with an APK

iphone x notch

If you’re like some people who like bit of every world at one place then you might want this too, the unique iPhone X display notch. Android is a beautiful OS, which gives you ton of options to experiment with, so developers have tried this too. So let us know how to get that ‘Notch’ on your Android phone.

First you have to download three different apps (links below) and install them all. Now be careful, because Playstore is full of these kind of apps but not everything works the way we expected to. Some gesture control apps and some notch apps are not compatible with some launchers. But these three apps which we suggest you, are all compatible with each other and don’t get in the way of one another.

So first step, open the ‘iLauncher X’ and set it as your default launcher, this is basically an alternative to iOS icons pack. Next step, open ‘iNotify X’, enable all the notification it ask for and ‘BOOM’ the infamous iPhone X notch appears on your Android phone. Remember it’s not just a notch, you even get the iOS control center which is quite functional as well, in fact even more functional than the original version on the iPhone. The app also enables the notification center and the search function, just swipe down from top left that.

Coming to the gesture control. From the list of apps you downloaded you just need to enable the permission and you are good to go. Swipe up for Home Screen, swipe and hold for recent apps, swipe left for back, swipe left and hold for split screen multitasking and so on. The best part is that, these gesture are totally customizable, you can also change the position of the area that detects the gestures. All these gimmicks and tricks on your Android phone is really cool for some and off track for some.

Now guys, doing all this has its own share of bugs too. You may feel few issues with the iNotify app, like black bars on top. You need to re-install it some time to get off it. So here we are with the Home-Screen, the Lock Screen, the wallpaper, the control center, the icons, the notch and even the wobbling apps when you long press on any app. Do let us know if you try this on your phone.

Download iNotify XDownload Gesture ControliLauncher X

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