Guide to the user Interface and tools of Hidden Chronicles of Facebook

Here is a quick look at the game user interface and what all things to do. This is just the beginner Guide to just how to start the game as the functions and features add on I will try and explain you each and every step 1 by 1.

Basic Game Functions

The main thing which you would come across while playing this game are as follows:

  • Marketplace – This is where you can find all items that can currently be purchased with Coin, Estate Cash, or Reputation Hearts
  • Inventory – Stores everything from quest rewards, to energy gifts, to building parts.
  • Toolbar – Find the basic game tools here, more information below.
  • System Tools – Sound and other system settings can be found here, more details below.
  • The Play Button – Another way to open the scene selector, which can also be done by clicking on Ramsey Manor.


You’ll use these often when decorating your estate.

  • Sell – Sells items that you choose.
  • Rotate – Rotates the items that you choose.
  • Move – Use this to move items on your estate

Using Tools: As you use a tool, the tool icon will change to a red stop sign with an X in the middle. To cancel out of the tool that you are currently using simply click the stop sign.

A small number of quest-related items cannot be sold and may be returned to your inventory when you use this function.

System Tools

You can change the basic game settings here.

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