How to share 3G Connection from your Smartphone

Mobile Data Sharing

You have an Android smartphone and 3G package to access the Internet from your mobile? You can easily share and enjoy your connection and your Internet access with all your other WiFi devices without having to purchase packages for each of them: a tablet, a laptop, another 3G phone without a plan, … The functionality Point wireless access found on Android phones makes it possible to share the 3G connection of your phone with other devices that have Wi-Fi. This can be a laptop, a tablet or other mobile phone for example.

To use this function, it is of course necessary to have a 3G package that allows access to the Internet by sending and receiving data on your phone. To avoid surprises, we recommend a package that is not limited in the amount of data exchanged (with a fair use where the flow is limited after a certain threshold, for example). In all cases, sharing the Internet connection of your mobile phone remains a significant additional solution when you do not have access to the Internet around you.

Enable wireless access point on the phone:

  • On your phone, go to Settings.
  • Go to the heading and Wireless networks.
  • Go to the Settings section of the access point.
  • In the router Name box (SSID), give a name to identify the access point that you create (no accents or special characters)
  • Scroll down the list and select the Security WPA2 (AES) to encrypt the exchange between your devices and the access point.
  • In the Password field, enter a complex password that will be required to use the Internet connection on your phone.
  • Go back to the topic and Wireless networks.
  • Now, you simply select the Access Point Wi-Fi laptop to activate your access point.

Connect to access point:

Now that your phone acts as a gateway to the Internet, you will be able to connect it via Wi-Fi for your laptop, tablet or other phone, and enjoy your Internet connection .

  • On your computer, tablet or phone, look for available WiFi connections.
  • Select your access point.
  • Click Connect.
  • Enter the password that you set on the access point and press.
  • The connection to the Internet via the access point your phone is established.
  • On your phone, access point Wi-Fi is active.
  • You can now browse the Internet on your computer or tablet from connecting your smartphone.
  • When finished, remember to disconnect the access point on the phone by clearing the Access Point Wi-Fi phones. If you’ve enabled WiFi for the occasion, remember to disable it.

Few things to be noted:

Here are some recommendations for use of the use of the Internet connection of your phone to a computer or a tablet is going well.

If using a phone as a gateway (modem mode) is tolerated in the telephone operators, they can cut overnight service or charge you. So be sure to stay sane in the data exchanged. A phone plan allowing the modem mode will not have these restrictions.

If your plan has a limited 3G, be aware that using a computer to access the Internet consumes more than a phone: you’re tempted to quickly view the versions of "normal" sites with animations , images, etc …

To believe in your service that you connect from your phone while you are on a computer or a tablet, you can use a Web browser that lets you change the browser identification, also called the user agent. The extension user agent switcher for Firefox allows you for example to perform this operation and a user agent choose a mobile phone.

Remember to cut the access point and your wireless connection when finished to save the battery.

Do not use this feature and more generally, the Internet connection for your phone abroad, operators charging roaming charges exorbitantly.

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