How to Customize the Windows Start menu 8 (Metro)

Windows 8 Metro Customizations

Metro’s new interface is undoubtedly the most striking new element of Windows 8, at least visually. The idea of this interface is to serve in future tablets and devices with touch screen generally small, but also to have utility in laptops and desktop computers with larger screens.

Microsoft’s experiment is risky and, in fact, users now are split between those who like the new interface Metro replacing the functions of the classic Start menu, while others more accustomed to the typical Windows interface not just accept it altogether.

Good news for both types of users that Microsoft would be allowed to freely choose whether you want this new interface or change the classic style somehow. So far it seems that’s not going to happen, but at least you can personalize Metro changing some of its features.

To do this, the first thing you should do is to activate Windows 8 Metro. If you have not activated on the screen just press the key ‘Windows’ on your keyboard.

Enable Administrative tools in Windows 8 Metro

  • Once you have Metro on the screen, move the mouse pointer to the lower right corner, you’ll see a sidebar appears with options. Interests us is the ‘Settings’ or configuration.

  • Here you’ll find that the option is to enable administrative tools ‘Show Administrative Tools’.

  • If the active Metro will see that now includes more cases than before, adding those that are related to more advanced features you will not use very often in Windows 8 and the Information System or the Firewall.

Customize Windows 8 Metro

  • If you return to the Settings menu (moving the mouse pointer to the lower right corner of the screen), you will see that there is an option at the bottom that tells you ‘More PC Settings’.

  • This option takes you to a configuration screen with more options extra. In the part of the left find a menu with several options, what interests us is the first to say ‘Personalize’. This option gives you access to customize three different elements in Windows: The Home screen, the colors of Metro and the image of your account profile in

  • Windows 8. What interests us is the second, ‘Start Screen’ which gives us access to the configuration of the Home Screen Metro.
  • You see you can change the background color and apply a wallpaper or wallpaper pretty simple. The configuration options are not many now, but if you want something a little more radical have other options:

– You can change the colors of Windows 8 Metro using an external application called ‘Metro UI Color Changer’.

– You can apply Themes for Windows 8 Metro already available. To apply these issues also need an external application that will facilitate the work, in this case you WCP Start My Screen Customizer

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