How to Ensure Better Security on Facebook

Facebook Security Tips

I wish you all the little tips on how to ensure greater security on Facebook. As we all know, we share a lot of information on Facebook and try all possible measures to protect it from hackers, but may lack in one way or another. It may be due to lack of knowledge about online security. So I'd like to share some knowledge with all of you that can help in the long run.

Securing your Password

While creating a password to ensure that the password longer than 8 characters, and also includes a lot of characters and special characters and numbers. Make sure that you are not repeating any of the character or keeping your birth date as your password because it can be hacked easily. Always set a specific period of time to change the password and keep it updated which minimizes the chances of hacking.

Visiting on any unauthorized or suspicious link

Keep one thing in mind that you do not click on links given to you online just because you feel like clicking on it. Because many a times it can happen that the link which you are clicking can be spam post by a hacker or person from bad community. So it is better to stay away from any such unfamiliar links.

Updated Browser.

Always make sure that you are updating the web browser that you are using. Any web browser plays an important role in accessing secured websites. So keep your browser updated with the latest add-ons or version released.

Security tools offered by Facebook

You can always take advantage of the security tools offered by facebook. They provide some basic tools that can keep your account safe from trace passers. You can easily access these tools on the settings option provided by Facebook

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