GenNxt Note 4 Custom ROM and CWM for Galaxy Grand 2

Samsung Galaxy Note 2 GenNxt Note 4 Custom ROM

Samsung Galaxy Grand 2 with 5.2 inch display, 1.2 GHz Cortex-A7 Quad-core Qualcomm MSM8226 Snapdragon 400 and 1.5GB of RAM is a pretty good smartphone and compatible for Android 5.0 Lollipop update but due to some reason, Samsung is not releasing the same update for this device. Possibly they are too busy porting the update for flagship devices and working on new upcoming phones.

So, I decided to test out some custom ROM as the kitkat started freezing too much on my Grand 2. Luckily came across GenNxt N4 Project. It is a Custom ROM for Grand 2 G7102 that brings many features of Note 4 to you Grand 2 along with all new lollipop style UI. It is very light weight and bloatware free offering you amazing performance.

Now, as you seem to be interested getting this ROM on your phone as well, you will need to download few files such as the ROM Package, ClockworkMod, SuperSU, etc as you must root your phone before installing the ROM. You can download all these files from below. For step by step guide of Rooting and installing ROM, you can check this Guide. You can check the ROM performance Review in this video:

Download GenNxt ROM | Download DedS_v2.0 | Download CWM | Download SuperSU | Download Odin

107 thoughts on “GenNxt Note 4 Custom ROM and CWM for Galaxy Grand 2

  1. hello,sir i have a question if i install note 4 room in galaxy grand 2 dous.i can use dual sim option after installation of note 4 room?

    1. Yes. Everything working fine. Except, the Lock screen security. Only Swipe works, nothing else (No Patter, No Pin, No Password.)

  2. After installing the CMW and after booting my samsung is stuck to download mode and says it did not boot properly, any fix?

    1. Sounds strange because after installing CWM either it should stuck on the Logo or keep on rebooting. But it cannot go into Download mode because we need some key combinations to enter download mode.

      Anyways, try repeating the process again from very beginning. It should get fixed. And if it still get stuck there, you need to follow this video steps:

      Please let me know the results. I’m here to help you out always 🙂 Regards.

      1. Something is wrong with the current CMW in the download link: CWM- doesnt work on my phone so I simply dowloaded the CWM-Test-4.4-ms013g.tar file from the video from another source, after doing so it worked just fine. Proceeding to the next step, thanks!

  3. Hey, i need to install this rom…
    i had a doubt if isnt respond to the functionality can it be degrade the rom the original rom??
    does the sim card working…
    if the video has voice it would be much favour

    1. Yes Karthik. Every thing works fine. All functionality, Sim cards, etc works good. For WiFi, font forget to install the Patch as shown in the video (after installing the ROM). As far as degrading the ROM is concerned, you can always get back to Stock ROM.. no matter which Custom ROM you using. Refer this video for getting back to Stock ROM on Grand 2:

      1. hey that at time of odin it is not showing that green one after connecting the device…
        How Could it be solve

        1. The green buttons shows up after successfully installing the ROM (via Odin). Please refer the Video properly.
          Let me know if you need any more help.

          1. yeah i gone through…
            For Driver are not installed it is no indicating any green one…
            Could u link me with that drivers for grand 2…
            after connecting the green not is glowing back…
            i think need of drivers msm8960..
            Could me link up those????
            i gone through but it is not succesfully installing though installed…

  4. is this working rom. is dual sim working and what about camera & other feature like Radio and battery performance.

    1. yes..everything works good. You can check the provided Video for performance. As far as FM is concerned, you just need a small APK (few MBs) to install. That’s it.

        1. On Lock screen Security features (except Swipe) not work. You can only use Swipe. Other options like PIN, Pattern, Password, etc dont work.

          1. Hello too manh bugs –

            Vibration not working

            Front camera not working

            Front cameta working as vga camera

          2. Hello Dharmendra. On which phone you installed the ROM. You must try re-installing it again and properly. Because, as you can see in the video, we didn’t faced any of these bugs.

          3. Hello

            thanks for Quick reply –

            Answer Below Question –

            1. Even let me know apps moving SD card or not
            2. Dual sim working –

            on Grand 2 i have installed on my friend mobile – .

            i faced such issue –

            1. vibration not working.
            2. The options menu is very light can’t see the options clearly. ..
            3. y frnt camera uses only 0.3 mp cnt it b restored to 2 mp?

            Even my friend want previous version backup of grand 2 officially version. is it possible to recover officially version of grand 2 . android version – 4.4.2.

          4. after odin pass button. when i remove the battery again put –

            when i press volume up+power+ home button. it show me could not load normal Boot. & its showing me downloading do not unplug –

            what to do?? please tell me

  5. I want to install android lollypop version on grand 2. Can you please suggest me any custom rom. With dual sim card working

  6. Hlo sir it doesn’t give any output when in boot in download mode and connect data cable with phone…
    Please help I want this update

      1. I have done it. But when I browse cwm via Odin and connect the cable it doesn’t give any output but even then I click on start it displays that 0 process failed 0 successful. Help….

        1. Do you see the GREEN PASS BUTTON at the top left of Odin when you see “0 process failed 0 successful”? If yes, thereafter you need to remove your battery for couple of seconds and then boot it into Recovery.

          1. Unless and until Green Button show up, the process is not completed hence you stuck at Download Mode. It will take a while to get Green Pass Button. Start the process and wait for 7 to 10 minutes and let it get installed comfortably.

    1. Everything works perfectly fine. So far i haven’t faced any lag, unless and until you left about 1GB internal storage space free.

      1. i mistakely used the pin lock. after that i m facing problem. it doesnt unlock. what should i do to remove it without getting unlocked.

  7. Thanks man you are really amazing. Everything is working fine. Ive even figured out a way to make the screen lock pattern. The only problem i have now is the digital compass is not working anymore but previously it was. Please we need a firmware patch to fix this compass issue. Thanks once again for the good work

    1. Ive even figured out a way to make the screen lock pattern.


      what is solution? can you please tell us –

      1. Go to the play store and download Galaxy rainy locker. Install and launch. Scroll down and select Disable System Lock. It will open a menu of the system(not the app) for you to choose either a pin pattern or password. But if u choose pin or password you might be getting problems with logging in. But the pattern works perfectly. It works like magic. This creates a true system pattern but not a pattern given by the app. Good luck and i hope my question gets answered

  8. Hi sir,

    Yesterday i updated my rom CN 12 – lollypop, but some features r not working well , now i want to install this rom. Already my phone having rooted & CWM . So please guied me ,can i flash only rom ? and r GAAps ( google apps ) inbuilt in rom ?

    Please help

    1. Yes. If CWM is already installed, you only need to flash the ROM. And yes, GAPPS are built-in. You dont need to download and flash it separately.

      1. Sir , just before some time i plashed this rom, but my home screen showing broken, except it all going good, i flash it second time but problem is same.

        1. Yes, i got solution when seen video once again. Thank You. i will write once again feedback after using this rom.

          1. Hi Sir,
            excellent Rom, very stable, all function working including second sim working. Battery consumption very low, increase battery performance more than 40 %, a very small bug find in volume of ringtone not working, sometimes pattern lock taking time to open, not often.


  9. Sir please help. Phone Digital Compass not working aftet installing this update. How do i fix this problem.

  10. when phone is starting top corner its shows something in red and blue color…how to avoid that

  11. except vibration everything is working fine.
    i faced an issue while startup it shows top of the screen.
    1)kernel is not seandroid enforcing
    2)net warranty bit: kernel

    how to fix it plz reply

  12. this update had some problems like usb debugging doesn’t work so i cant connect my phone with my computer
    How can i go back to the original version of android ? plz

  13. Good morning, my phone is not opening the sd card files , put and will not appear any folder and nothing is in cartão.Oq can I do?

  14. hlo sir when it displays green pass button and i remove the battery after that when i press volume up and power n home button at once it again displays downloading target and show could not boot in recovery mode help sir….

  15. Hello sir…
    When odin show green pass button and i remove the battery for couple of seconds. And press the volume up,power button,home button at the same time it shows could not do nirmal boot odin mode written in red colour. What to do then. Help sir please i need this update

  16. can i install this rom using twrp recovery coz i had already twrp [rooted] installed on my grand 2 (7102)?

  17. after odin pass button. when i remove the battery again put –

    when i press volume up+power+ home button. it show me could not load normal Boot. & its showing me downloading do not unplug –

    what to do?? please tell me

    1. Just try starting the process again from the beginning. Your situation is unusual. I didn’t came across that situation, hence we need to try restarting the process. Please go ahead and let me know the result.

      1. i ve that too many times same is the case everytime.
        even unrooted from supersu and tried mny times

          1. dude I have tried rooting for last time.
            so I’m able to get the original recovery mode not the supersu one.
            could u get suggest something now for installing custom rom.

          2. Great to hear your phone is now working perfectly fine with the stock ROM.

            As far as getting to this Custom ROM, CWM Recovery is must. What i can suggest you is, forget the CWM i used during the process. You download any latest CWM (ClockWorkMod Recovery) from Internet or SamMobile and install it. Once you are able to get in CWM, there onwards we can Flash this ROM.

            I wish you get it done successfully 🙂 I will be waiting for your Response.

          3. Sorry to say that you have misunderstood the situation.
            I have not installed stock rom. but directly I have rooted it once more. So I am not getting the recovery menu as shown in video. and my storage is not accessible it seems. as I have got an error from youtube downloader as well as WhatsApp.
            that’s the matter of concern.
            how to get that please suggest me.

    1. Thank you very much buddy for informing about the expired link. The new link is updated. You can download it comfortably now.

  18. 1st..Odin IS NOT DOWNLODING… WHAT I DO..
    2nd….preveously i root my phone with cf auto root.,.so i have to root it again or not

    1. 1st..Click Download Odin takes you to Mega website, right? I cannot see any problem downloading it. Can you please tell me what’s exact problem you facing while downloading the file?

      2nd.. Yes you will need to root it again because we need the CWM (ClockworkMod) to install this ROM.

  19. Bhai I need to know how to reset the phone back to my original os as in kit kat or jelly bean and the other thing is bhai all my apps are lost. How to restore my apps back. Please help. In trouble.

    1. I’m still able to download the file (DedS_V2.0) without any problem. Can you please explain whats the issue you facing?

      1. Yesterday, after clicking the download button, it says “SYSTEM NOTICE: Apologize for the failed/dropped downloads early this morning from the AZ1 server. The server crashed around 2AM CST this morning due to hardware failure. We have replaced the hardware and brought the server back online. Apologize for the inconvenience.”

        But today, it is not saying such stuff, still can’t download it. I can download the DedS_v2.3e. Can I use this file instead?

          1. Hey, thanks. Done downloading it. It’s my first time to root and flash ROM. Hope will succeed. 😀

          2. Hi. After following instructions up to 2:04, I went to Recovery mode and accidentally clicked ‘reboot’. I tried resetting it by removing battery, and went to Recovery mode again. But then, I went in this # MANUAL MODE #. What to do?

          3. I tried going back to the step using the Odin and got myself finally to the Recovery mode. Followed all the steps up to rebooting. After it rebooted, SuperSU was the only app installed, Root Checker Basic isn’t there. Any help?

          4. I successfully flashed the said ROM. I tried it, and it was okay, until I went to the Lockscreen and put PIN password. Whenever I try unlocking it, it keeps on locking immedately after it unlocks. Now I can’t use it. Can you help me with this?

          5. That is the bug buddy.. You can only use Swipe lock. Now since you are unable to use the phone, you will have to format it, unfortunately. Turn off, Go to recovery with 3 button combination, wipe data and reboot. That’s it.

  20. i have update my galaxy grand 2 with this rom bt now my wifi is not workng , music player is not wrkng nd even some apps are not workng so how can i fix all ths bug… plzzz help…its urgent

    1. For the WiFi bug, you need to install the Patch right after installing the ROM (as shown in the video) or else WiFi will not work.
      For the rest of the problems, we didn’t faced any of them but it happens most of the time with Custom ROMs. The easiest solution is the re-install the ROM. Start from the beginning and follow the process properly. This time, hopefully, everything will work fine.

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