How to install Windows Phone 8 Monochromatic custom ROM on Samsung Galaxy Y S5360

Monochromatic custom ROM

Though Samsung Galaxy Y S5360 dint received update higher than Gingerbread, but we have already (successfully) tried installing ICS ROMs, Jelly Bean 4.1 ROMs and recently we installed latest Android version v4.2 on Galaxy Y, that too successfully. Now its time to try something extra. Today we will install Windows 8 Monochromatic custom ROM which is a new Custom ROM for Samsung Galaxy Y S5360 based on Windows Phone 8 style and looks. Not just windows WP8 style but you also get the messaging app, dialer app and also launcher exactly like you have seen in other Windows Phone devices.


Before beginning with the process, there are some important things that you will need to care about. We are here installing Custom ROM and modifying the existing OS. So first check the following things :

  • Ensure that your mobile is rooted. After rooting the device you get super user access that allows maximum permission to modify mobile ROM. If you don’t know how to root your Galaxy Y S5360, follow the steps provided here.
  • Download and install ClockWorkMod Custom Recovery Toolkit. This is essential software in install Custom ROM which is commonly used on many devices. Check this easiest method of installing CWM Recovery on galaxy Y S5360
  • Download Monochromatic WP8 5.7.1 SYNERGY (NO KERNEL).zip.
  • Before beginning copy all your data, contacts, sms, internet settings, etc from the mobile device. Everything will be wiped out. You can use a backup application for the same.
  • Charge your mobile phone and check that there must be at least 60% battery left on the same. The device must not switch off between installation or it may get bricked.
  • Temporarily disable the Antivirus or Firewall just to ensure the tools or any update is not blocked.

Now if you are done with the above stuffs, lets move ahead with Windows 8 Monochromatic custom ROM installation on Samsung Galaxy Y.

Rooting Galaxy Y:

First lets begin with the rooting process. If your device is already rooted you can skip this step. And if you are not sure that your device is rooted or not you can get an Root Checker app on Google play to verify that. We can root the device using ClockWorkMod. This is a very important process. Ensure that you do not make any mistake.

ClockworkMod installation on Galaxy Y:

Here you have to install ClockWorkMod on Galaxy Y. This will root the device and give super user access. For installing the rom you will need to boot the device in new kernel added by ClockWorkMod.

  • Download ClockWorkMod File. The file is size is just 1.4MB.
  • Copy the downloaded file in Memory card/SD card of the mobile device.
  • Now switch off your phone. To boot in recovery mode press Power + Home + Volume Up at the same time for 10 to 15 seconds. Leave it once you see the Samsung Logo.
  • You can use the Volume key to scroll up and down. Choose from SD Card
  • Then select and download the ClockWordMod File. Wait for some seconds. If everything goes well the device will be rooted.

Installing Windows 8 Monochromatic custom ROM:

If the root process goes well you can move ahead with Windows 8 Custom Rom installation. It is necessary that your phone lies on the stock kernel (factory version):

  • If there is any secondary partition in the device you will need to format it. You can delete as2sd or data2sd if found in the device.
  • Copy the Windows 8 Monochromatic custom ROM file in the phone sd card. It is necessary that you put it on the root not inside any folder. That makes a job more easier.
  • Again switch off your phone and hold Power + Home + Volume to enter CWM Recovery Mode
  • Use the Volume keys first to wipe DATA and Cache
  • Again from the main menu wipe DALVIK Cache
  • Now go to Install from SD Card and choose the WP8 5.7.1 SYNERGY (NO KERNEL).zip file. The installation will being.
  • Wait for sometime unless the process is completed and you are back on the recovery screen. Reboot your device.

Windows 8 Monochromatic custom ROM is installed on Samsung Galaxy 7. Upon first boot the phone will take some time to initialize the OS completely. So better leave it. There is nothing to worry about that.

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