How to Install CyanogenMod 9 on Samsung Galaxy Y S5360

cyanogenmod 9 Galaxy y

CyanogenMod 9 gives amazing new feature on your existing device. The new edition is Cyanogens 10 which offer you Jellybean interface. It is advance and loaded with many amazing features. It allows you to have superb utilizes packed in one place. Now for devices like Samsung Galaxy Y S5360, you can go ahead with installation of CyanogenMod 9. The new edition might not work well on it. Samsung Galaxy Y is a Gingerbread based phone which comes in the entry level android model. But still it is amazing that provide you a complete support to install your own personal custom rom in the device. It works great and has no performance issue also. It is necessary that you must choose the right rom for it.

In this article I am going to show you the processor installing CyanogenMod in the device. By adding that you can have more advance features and amazing support. This also includes the rooting process. Once this mode is installed your device is rooted. Galaxy Y comes with Gingerbread 2.3.6 firmware. After that there is no update released for the same. But thanks to XDA they had offered a CyanogenMod 9 update for it. This mode offers you a Jellybean type feature. The new interface is more fluid and better.

Before going ahead with the setup it is essential that you must refer the perquisite list below. This is for your device safety. The list has all set of requirements that help you to restore your device in case of any issue appear. I had tested CyanogenMod on my device which works really well. Keeping the system config in mind, the mod is lighter and loaded with extra benefits. The is the most stable release. So if you want to see Jellybean in your device then let’s move ahead with the setup of this custom rom.


  • Download CyanogenMod 9 and save it on your PC desktop. It is a rar file. Do not extract it. Later on you have to copy this in the memory card of your device.
  • Download GAPPS. GAPP is a Google Apps Package. This allows you to have Gmail, Hangout, Google Play, etc type of apps on your device.
  • Ensure that the device is completely charge. There must be at least 70% battery left. Installation process can take some time. If the phone is low on battery, it can interrupt the installation. This can cause serious issue.
  • Backup your phone data completely. Remember that you are doing this on your own risk. Installing Custom Rom will wipe out everything from the device. It will clear all data. So download a good Backup application like Titanium Backup or Nandroid and backup everything. To remain on the safer side you can use Nandroid and backup the complete stock rom. So if you think the new CyanogenMod is not so great or if there is any problem you can restore your phone back to original settings. To use Nandroid you have to root your phone first.
  • Enable USB Debugging. Go inside Settings > Applications > Development > USB Debugging.

Installation Process:

  • Connect the Device first to your PC and enable Removable Storage
  • Copy the download Rom archive in your memory card. Also move the Google App package.
  • Now turn off your phone. Reboot it in recovery. For that you have to press the Volume Down Key + Power key. The phone will boot in recovery mode. You can also use CWM to boot your phone back in recovery mode.
  • From the recovery mode go to install from SD card. Choose the new CyanogenMod 9 package. Also knows as Android 4.1 Rom. It consist everything inside it. Choose it and wait back until the process is completed.
  • If everything goes well you will get an installation complete message at the end.
  • Then choose GAPP package. Install it also.
  • Once over reboot your phone done. Enjoy the new rom.


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