How to Root Samsung Galaxy Y S5360 – Easiest Method

Android Rooting

Now a days, every user who plans for buying any Android device, the very first thing he is concerned is about ‘Can I root my device’. Isn’t, it ? Yes it is. The reason behind it is very simple. Rooting or installing Custom Mode removes your limitation and gives you super user access that is infact very useful. So, today i am going to show you the very simple and easiest step for Rooting Samsung Galaxy Y.

I recently bought the above said device, and just few minutes ago i successfully Rooted my smartphone. Very happy hence i thought to share it with you guys as well. If you are the one who want to root Samsung galaxy Y, just follow below steps:

Few things to be considered before Rooting your device:

  • Backup your entire device including Contacts, Messages, Multimedia Files.
  • Make sure your mobile battery is charged atleast 80%.

Now follow the rooting process:

  • First of all download the Rooting Package from here and save it on your PC.
  • Connect your mobile with computer and copy the above downloaded file on your mobile SD Card.
  • Disconnect your mobile from PC and turn of the device.
  • Now be careful for the next every process. Press and Hold your Home Button and Volume Up key. Without leaving these both keys press Power button for about 10 Seconds.
  • This will put your device in Recovery mode.
  • Once you get into recovery mode (with blue and red text screen) select option ‘Update from SD Card’. You can scroll with the help of Volume Keys.
  • Press Home Button when you are on ‘Update from SD Card’ option, locate rooting package that you saved on SD Card and press home button again.
  • That’s it. Now wait for few minutes, let the device do what it is doing (Rooting process)
  • Once rooting process gets completed, you will get the ‘Root your device’. Simply press Home Button to reboot the device.

That’s it. You are done. You have just Rooted your Samsung Galaxy Y smartphone. Now go to menu and you will find an option/icon for Super user. If you want, you can download BusyBox for more access.

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