How to install WhatsApp on Windows PC – Three Methods

WhatsApp PC

WhatsApp is a popular mobile chat client. Today everyone uses the same. This app is designed to work on Android and on other mobile platform. Unfortunately there is no pc version. The mobile app set communication through your mobile phone number. It works on internet connection and offer you unlimited free messaging support. But what if you have a option to install this application on your PC. Typing on it will be much more comfortable. In this article I am going to target a set of few ways through which you can install WhatsApp in your PC. This will be more suitable for those who want to use it on a PC. So lets move ahead with a method of installing WhatsApp on PC.

Method 1 : Bluestack

The first method is by using a Android Emulator. We are going to run a Android version of WhatsApp on our pc. To run this we need android environment. A emulator allows you to run the full operating system on your pc without messing with installation. You just have to install the software and you can freely work on the virtual environment. The most popular and stable application available for the same is BlueStack. This software works on Windows, and help you to run all Android apps easily on your pc. It works fine but has a performance issue with slow pc.

  • Download and Install BlueStack in your PC.
  • In the Search Box type WhatsApp. Install the Application.
  • Then Launch the App and type your mobile number. This will send you a small activation code in your sms.
  • Or you can also use the voice verification method.
  • Fillup your details like Nickname and start chatting.
  • You will have to manually add the contact in the application.

Method 2: Youwave

Now this is another great application to run Android apps on a Windows PC. It is a bit lighter compare to BlueStack and works well. It offer you download of various Android Apps directly and works well. The latest edition this application offers you is Android ICS 4.0. So you can have some cool apps and game on your pc instantly. Another great feature this software offer you is app import. That means you can simply import the applications in it to run. If you have kept a set of apk files in your pc then you can use the same to run them on your pc. The benefit of recommending you this app is that it has its own set of online store from where you get everything. So lets being with Youwave.

  • Download and install Youwave in your pc.
  • Go to online content and search for WhatsApp.
  • Click and Run it. This will download and install WhatsApp.
  • Other settings are same. You can go in the settings and click on call me or sms verification to activate it.

Method 3: Android Emulator

Android Emulator is a wise choice for developers who want to test and run many android applications. Through this emulator you can run all Android apps on your pc. Here Youwave is paid. So this one is a free alternative. You can find the emulator in Android SDK. You can download this from web and install it in your pc. Android Emulator works fine with almost all applications. This process is bit complicated but effective.

  • Download and Install Android Emulator in your PC.
  • Open Android SDK Manager. In that click on Repository. Then check SDK Platform Android 2.3.3 API 10.
  • Then you can go ahead with installation of Android Packages.
  • Once the package installation is done go to Tools > Manage AVD.
  • This will help you to create Virtual Device. Here you have to select the Android Target depending on your version.
  • Select the files who’s size is around 512MB and click on Create AVD.
  • Now you have to select the virtual machine you want to start.
  • Once Done launch the browser in Android.
  • Download & Run WhatsApp.

For those who are still facing problems and not able to install whatsapp on PC, here is the video tutorials using BlueStacks as well as YouWave:

Installing WhatsApp on PC with BlueStacks:

Installing WhatsApp on PC with YouWave:


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