How to Install Xperia Z1 Album and Walkman Apps on other Android Smartphones

Xperia Za1 Apps

Xperia series by Sony comes loaded with amazing features and great apps. Among which the Album and Walkman are two default apps which offer you great features. The Walkman app is great offering you a nice interface, song search and song sorting. While the Album app has a nice animated effect and properly arrangement from where you get better image listing. Now these apps are only available in Sony Xperia mobile phone. It is not available on other phones. If you want the app then I can offer you a proper way through which you have that application on your phone. You can use the same on any other android phone and get the maximum feature.

The audio player of Sony is amazing it has nice equalizer settings with simple song sorting and smooth output. Also the album helps you to view all kind of images in the format you want. To get this application you don’t require any rom installation. That means you don’t have to install the Xperia rom. We are going to add the app only.

The process is simple here. A developer is able to extract the app from Xperia Z1 and converted the same to a separate apk file. This file installs in the same way you add other apps and game. You have to enable install from unknown sources first. If it is disabled then the app will not work. Below I had provided the download link of both the application. You can download them and keep then on your desktop. This apk file have full feature of Sony Xperia Walkman & Xperia Album. The Walkman app is capable of running all songs and does not need any specific codec.


Installation Steps:

  • Connect your android phone to your pc through the usb cable.
  • Then copy the apk files in the internal storage.
  • Disconnect the phone and launch File Manager
  • Scroll to the app location and install them one by one.
  • The apps works in the same way they work on the original Sony device. They don’t have any performance or lagging problem. They work nicely with smooth output and almost support all android phones.


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