How to install any iOS app on Android without Rooting


Not all but there are several important apps that are only available for iOS (iPhone, iPads and iPods) which cannot be run on Android devices. We keep on searching the Android versions of the same but we dont get even any modded version. The same is the case with Android apps. Many of them are not available for iOS. I was just wondering of it is possible to run iOS apps on Android smartphones or tablets? The answer i got is YES, we can make it run. Let’s find out how.

I found some guides here that lets you either Flash iOS on Android or simply Dual Boot iOS and Android. But what if you just want to run some of the iOS Apps on your Android devices. There is no need to install the entire iOS operating system, right? So, i am posting here the guide to only install ios apps. Let’s start.

  • First of all, you need to install an iOS emulator on your Android phone. The best i found is IEMU. You can Download IEMU APK from here.
  • Make sure you have enabled to install APK by enabling “Unknown Sources” from settings.

  • Install IEMU APK normally as we do other apk files.
  • Once done, reboot the device.
  • After reboot, open the app, Download/install the apps you want.

System Requirements for iEMU is not much important because it only needs device with Android 2.3 or higher and 512MB of RAM. Almost all devices now a days has that much. So, you can install this Emulator or any of your Android phone or tablet. Enjoy.

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