Installing and Using Telegram Messenger on Windows Computer

Telegram for PC

Now a days a new Messaging app is getting popular slowly. I’m talking about “Telegram” which is said to be the strongest competitor of the worlds most popular mobile messaging app WhatsApp. There are many new features which makes it compete with such popular whatsapp which includes must faster message delivery, file transfer upto 1GB, office documents support, Groups upto 200 people and lots more. You can check out this detailed Telegram Review to know complete functionality and features.

Now, What if we can use Telegram on our Computers as well ? Many of us also use Nimbuzz, WhatsApp, or any other such messengers on our computer for comfortable typing or any other reasons. That’s true. I use WhatsApp on my PC as well and it works quite good. have a look:

Ahh, please dont panic if you read the message from whatsapp screenshot  All such messages are sent by one of my colleague named ‘Amar Shah’ who should be either rewarded with title ‘PJ King’ or must be kicked  Anyways, if you are interested in using whatsapp on your computer, check out this guide.

As we were talking about Telegram on Computer, yes it is possible. Fortunately, it is available as standalone installer for computers itself, not like the above showed whatsapp where we need to use Android Emulator. That’s another advantage of Telegram. In this guide I’ll show you step by step process for installing Telegram on desktops. First of all, you might be thinking from where to get the installer, because on official site they have provided links only for iOS and Android. Dont worry, you can download the Desktop Version Telegram from here.

Installing Telegram on Desktop:

After downloading the setup (5.69MB) you need to run the installer, normally as we do with all other installers on Windows.
After completing the installation you will get this screen, click Start Messaging

Now you need to select your country code and enter your mobile number

You will get a 5 digit code on your provided mobile number, enter the same in the provided field. make sure to enter the code before the timer runs out.

That’s it. You have now use Telegram on your desktop. As you might be aware that Telegram use to sync our contacts, messages, and everything on Cloud, if you are using the same mobile number on which you are already using Telegram on your smartphone, you will see everything as it is on your Desktop version as well. I loved this feature. In whatsapp, it is not like this.

Here are some more screenshots of the desktop version which i thought to share. Personally, the desktop version is much more lighter and faster than what we are using on out smartphones. It never freezes, never lags, not a single problem.

It has very simple User Interface, with all your contacts on the left side, a button to create a Group at bottom, a large Media attachment button on the right pane with message field.

Settings panel also has few important options such as enable/disable Sound or Notifications, and more:

There is much more to do in Telegram. Once you installed it on your desktop, you will come to know your self. If you have any thought or suggestion, feel free to reply.


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