How to Flash or perform Recovery using ‘NOKIA X Flasher Tool’

Nokia X Flasher

Rooting devices which has a simple recovery mode is easier. Devices like Micromax, LAVA, etc are very easy to root. You just have to boot your phone in recovery mode and flash the rom file after rooting. But when it comes to device like Nokia X then things are bit complicated. Now it happens a number of time the rooting process fails. You are unable to do anything. For Samsung to deal with this kind of issue we have Odin. It is a tool that is used to flash the rom and it works really well.

You have simple procedure to choose the firmware file and then flash it on the phone rom. But what about Nokia. Luckily we are having a software which works in the same manner. It is called as Nokia X Flash Tool. This tool is specifically designed for Nokia X phone. It is used on Windows platform. You can install this and use it flash the phone without booting the phone in recovery mode. Flash process is very simple and accurate here. But this tool does not come with any backup option. In this short guide I will show you how you can use this software for flashing the phone rom.


  • Always backup your entire phone data before rooting. Never attempt to root or do any changes if you are not having full data stored in your system.
  • Charge your phone to maximum. Never move ahead if the device has less charging. This can brick the phone.
  • Remember rooting, flashing custom rom can cause warranty issues. We usually use unofficial method of modifying the factory rom. So you are going to lose the entire phone warranty. Move ahead on your own risk.
  • Download Nokia X Flashing tool. It is developed by XDA. You will need a windows based pc to run it.
  • Update the latest usb drivers of Nokia X in your system.

Installation Process:

  • Launch Nokia X Flash Tool in your pc.
  • Now connect the Nokia X device to your pc through original usb cable.
  • In the tool you can find a button called as Detect Device. Click on that and wait back until the tool identify the device.
  • Once done you have to choose the right firmware file. You can see option like system, boot, recovery, etc. You can click on that and select the right firmware file to flash the existing rom.
  • Once you are done with selecting the file you have to wait back until the process is over. You can install and test various custom recovery images on Nokia X through this.


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