Update Redmi Note 5 Pro to MIUI 10 Developer ROM – Safest Manual Method

Install MIUI 10 on Redmi NOte 5 Pro

Xiaomi’s MIUI 10 has been in news since couple of months now. Mainly because of its some impressive new features and speed. MIUI 10 is specially optimized for Full Screen display and brings bunch of new features including new Notifications panel, New recent Screen, iPhone like Full screen gestures, all new real Nature sounds for notifications, and lots more. We have posted an Article covering all new Features of MIUI 10.

We will see all those new features today on Redmi Note 5 pro, but First, let’s see How to upgrade our Note 5 Pro to MIUI 10.

As of now the latest update for Note 5 Pro is MIUI 9.6.4. However still MIUI 10 Stable is not available for any phone, it is still Beta version.  But yesterday Xiaomi has officially rolled out the DEVELOPER VERSION of MIUI 10 for 5 smartphones that includes Redmi Note 5 and Note 5 Pro. There are more 20 phones listed to get this Developer ROM in next few days.

Since this Developer version is official release, there is no risk of breaking warranty because we will install it through Official process that doesn’t even requires unlocking the Bootloader. And yes. It doesn’t matter if you are running Stable MIUI 9 ROM. We can still upgrade from MIUI 9 Stable to MIUI 10 Developer ROM.

So, without any further due, lets start the MIUI 10 Installation process.

First of all you will need to download the MIUI 10 Developer ROM from Xiaomi’s site. Direct Download link is given below in the description for Note 5 Pro. If you have any other model, then go to MIUI Community app, click on Announcements, and from here you can select the specific ROM depending on your Phone model. Size of the ROM is 1.5GB to 1.7GB. Download it.

And it is better to Save the Downloaded ROM on your external SD Card because this is Manuall process of Upgrading and it requires Wiping out your Internal storage completely. Which means all your files, photos and other data which are stored on the phone will be deleted.

So, by the time ROM is downloading, you can backup your data from internal storage to SD card, Or Cloud, Or Computer. Wherever you want.

  • Once the ROM is downloaded.
  • Go to Phone Settings, About Phone, Updates. Now here you can see the latest version available is MIUI 9 9.6.4.
  • Now click the 3 Dots on the top right and select ‘Choose update package’.
  • Browse where you have saved the ROM and select it.
  • Click Reboot when it asks to do it and done.

MIUI 10 installation is started. Give it time to complete. After reboot you will find your Redmi Not 5 Pro running on latest MIUI 10 with lots of new features and full screen gestures.

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