How to install XXKTT 2.3.6 Firmware on Galaxy Gio S5660

Galaxy Gio S5660

In this thread I will show you how to install XXKTT 2.3.6 firmware on Galaxy Gio S5660. This is a newly updated firmware that adds more performance and features to Gio S5660 smartphone. The update is extremely easy with simple tool like ODIN. You have to do two things here. First download XXKTT 2.3.6 Firmware and install ODIN in your PC. The update will be performed through PC, this is not a OTA update. It is essential that your system must not turn off while performing updates. Also make sure that your phone’s battery is charged atleast 60 to 70% so that it wont get turn off during the process or it may get bricked.

In order to update XXKTT 2.3.6 Firmware you will need to download the firmware on your PC hard drive along with the software we mentioned above, ODIN. You can download the same from below provided URLs:

Once you had got both the files, keep the content of Firmware on desktop (extract it) and install ODIN. Then move ahead with following steps :

  • You need to start the process by switching Galaxy Gio S5660 to Download Mode. For that hold Volume Down key + Home Key + Power Key. The Android boot screen will appear.
  • Connect the phone to PC via USB cable. Launch ODIN.
  • Let ODIN detect the phone. Under COM Port Number you can see ID:COM. This will turn Yellow as the phone is detected.
  • Browse the files of new firmware files. Click on OPS and then choose GIO_v1.0.ops. Click on One Package and then choose the file that ends with .tar.md5
  • Once everything is properly selected click on Start. The process will start and the update will be applied.

Here is one important thing you need to note. In case your phone stuck on restart after applying the update, remove the battery and insert it back again after few minutes. It is important that you download the update properly. In case of problem you can perform the entire process back again by downloading a more appropriate file from some other location.

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