How To Unbrick Micromax A116 Canvas HD

Micromax A116 is an Android Jellybean device offering 1.2Ghz of Quad Core processor. Now ample of time while doing a certain changes in the phone, issues occurs. Like a brick phone. Brick is a situation where your phone stuck on the boot logo and does not move ahead. Something like coma. But there is a way to unbrick. Most of this issue only occurs when you try to root your device or when you try to install a custom rom. Thanks to Android developers, we have multiple options today to fix the device. We can root it and change the internal rom. We can also restore it back to factory settings in case of serious issue.

Now I am going to give you details tips to those who want to unbrick their phone. The guide includes simple steps to restore the phone’ actual state back. This is a soft brick process. That means if there is an issue associated to software only. If there is a hardware failure then there is nothing you can do. The best place to get help is from the service center.

Steps to unbrick Micromax A116 Canvas 2:

  • Remove the phone battery. Keep it aside for few minutes. Then re-insert it.
  • Now hold a set of key combination before booting. Press Volume UP + Volume Down and the Power Key. This is the default way to enter recovery mode.
  • After this if everything goes well you will get two options on your screen from which you have to choose the Recovery by using the Volume Key. You can use the Volume Down and Volume Up key to navigation and hit the Power Key to Select. Now select Recovery and Press the Power Key.
  • After that again you will back on the same screen. Use the volume key and then go to Wipe Data / Factory Reset. Press the Power button to choose.
  • Leave the phone aside for some time until the process is over. Once done reboot your device back. It will be worked fine.


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