How to Root HTC One X for installing Custom ROMs

The following guide will give you detailed step by step process for rooting HTC One X smartphone. HTC One X is one of the best android smart phones in the market. Loaded with the Android Jelly Bean OS and HTC Sense UI, it offers great performance with smooth interface. Rooting HTC One X will allow unlocking extra features and capabilities of the device as well as its operating system. The process might void warranty, so it is completely on your risk. By rooting you gain full access to the android device. You can add custom roms that are loaded with tons of new features. Let’s move ahead with rooting.


  • Backup your phone data, files, contacts, messages and APN settings. You can use Go App for the same.
  • Keep your phone full or atleast 70% charged.
  • HTC Sync Software.
  • Frequently used Email ID.
  • Interim ClockworkMod Touch Recovery for the HTC One X
  • Original Connectivity cable of the smartphone.
  • Internet Connection.

Steps to root HTC One X Smartphone:

Step 1: Unblock HTC One X 

1. The process below involves the first part of rooting process. You must not try the same on any other model. This can create issue. The process is tested for One X which works well. To root HTC One X we have to collect a token which is mailed as .bin file through official HTC Developer website.

2. Launch HTC Sync software. You will need to complete the registration process to unlock the phone. Later on once you had registered the device you get a text field where you will need to copy paste the Identifier. You will get that through cmd. Just follow the below process. The software will also install HTC drivers on the pc so that it can communicate with the device. The process does not work well for 64bit system.

3. Now go to Official HTC Dev Page. Register your device and confirm the activation through email.

4. Once your account is activated you will see Unlock Bootloader Screen. From Options choose the mobile model and start the process.

5. Follow the onscreen instructions. The website will ask you to download some Android SDK file. Download it and keep it somewhere on your pc. Like create a folder in C: drive and name it as Android. These are very important files. Extract the zip files also.

6. Now you will have to restart the phone in FastBoot Mode which is also called as Recovery Mode or Download Mode in other devices. For that turn of the phone. Press the Volume Down key and then press the power key.

7. The phone will boot in White screen with some number of options on it. (If it does not work then go in Settings > Power > and Uncheck FastBoot and try again the above process.)

8. Now connect your mobile to pc using the original usb cable. Using the Volume Key for navigation select FastBoot. The phone is ready to take commands through Windows Now.

9. For this we will use CMD. Ensure that you are running it in admin account.

10. In cmd go to the directory where you had extracted all the Android SDK Files that I said to download. You can use0 "cd C:\Android" command to enter that folder in cmd. (cd=change directory)

11. Now type “fastbootoemget_identifier_token” and hit enter. You will have to copy the message on cmd. Right click on cmd and click Mark. Select from ‘Identifier Token Start’ ‘Identifier Token End&gt’. Copy this in the Text file of website and click continue.

12. Go to your inbox. In your email you will get a .bin file. This file will be used to unlock the phone. Copy the file in same Android folder.

13. Go back in CMD and type the following "fastboot flash unlocktokenUnlock_code.bin" and hit enter. Using the Volume key on the phone select Unblock Phone and you are done. Do not reboot your device.

14. The bootloader of HTC Once is unlocked now. We will now move ahead with the Rooting process.

Step 2: Rooting HTC One X.

1. Download Interim ClockworkMod Touch Recovery for the HTC One X on your pc. Extract the files in the same Android folder. Check that there is r1-modaco-recovery-clockwork-touch-endeavoru.img file available in the folder.

2. Now go back in cmd and type the following command "fastboot flash recovery r1-modaco-recovery-clockwork-touch-endeavoru.img" and hit enter. Wait for some time until the process is completed. Once CWM is installed you can see a new bootloader on your phone screen.

3. From that choose Backup and Restore. This will create a backup of your existing ROM. You can use this backup to restore your phone rom back to the original state if custom rom fails to work.

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