Poco F1 – Top Tricks and Tips

Poco F1 Tips

Today we are bring you the best Tips and Tricks for your new Xiaomi Poco F1 phone that will increase the productivity extremely. If you are Poco user, you must try these tips.

Hiding the Notch:

So not everyone is the fan of this trend of ‘Notched screen’. MIUI 10 gives the option to hide the notch and use the usual 18:9 display, with notch still being there but not taking that weird looking bite off the screen. To hide the notch you need to go the ‘Full screen’ option and switch on the toggle of ‘Hide screen notch’.

Double tap to Wake:

If you’re not using the fingerprint scanner or the any kind of screen lock, this feature will come handy. Under settings menu, go to display settings and there you will find toggles to switch on the ‘Double tap screen to wake’ and ‘Raise to wake’. You just need to double tap the screen to directly unlock your phone or if your phone is kept somewhere on in your pocket just pick up the phone and it will automatically unlock the phone.

Note: – if you’ve set a pattern to unlock or password then these feature will take you to the lock screen.

Reduce Blue Light Emission:

This is an important feature which help reduce strain on your eyes due to the blue light which comes from the screen, especially if you’re using the phone in the night. Under settings menu you’ll find an option of ‘Reading mode’. Here you can on the ‘reading mode’ or you can schedule it as per your daily requirement.

Note: – switching on the reading mode effects the color reproduction of the screen, so watching movies in the night won’t be a pleasing experience in this mode.

Hide Apps:

This is also an important feature on MIUI which helps users to hide apps which they don’t want others to see or use. To activate this feature you need to long press on the home screen to see the toggle ‘Hide app icon’, once you switch it ‘on’, it will ask you to set a pattern lock and then select the apps to hide. To view the hidden apps you just need to swipe right twice on the app drawer and then unlock it by the set pattern or your fingerprint.

Icon Packs:

With the POCO launcher and the MIUI updates now you can download different app icon from the play store, and not to download the complete theme. Long press on pinch-in on the home screen to get the options of icon pack and then download multiple icon packs of your choice.


The new MIUI 10 update brings in a lot of new features and one of the most important one is the navigation way. The usual navigation buttons takes up some space at the bottom and if you don’t like them and want to use the complete screen you can disable it and use the gesture controls. Few will like it because it give you a different control over your phone but few will find it slow or time consuming. Still you can go to settings and under ‘system & device’ category you will see ‘Full screen display’ options.

Once you are in it you see two options to choose from ‘buttons’ & ‘Full screen gestures’. The gestures are simple too, you swipe up from the bottom of the screen and that will take you to the ‘Home screen’, swipe up and pause and it will show you the ‘recent apps menu’ and swipe right from the left edge and it will take you back to last screen.

Dual Apps :

This feature is now in every Xiaomi phones which lets you use two accounts on the apps like, WhatsApp, Facebook, twitter and few games and shopping apps too. Under ‘App settings’ you will see ‘Dual apps’ and it will show you apps which supports this feature and it will a clone app for the same app.

Second Space:

This feature is already there in many phones with the name of guest mode or parental control. This feature is useful to keep your data and other important stuff safe from others while using your phone. It hides all the installed app and gives only basic usage of your phone. You can find this Second Space under ‘System and Device’ option, after activating this you get a shortcut on your home screen to switch between spaces with the help of set password or fingerprint.

App Lock:

Under ‘App settings’ you’ll see ‘App lock’ which will help you to lock any app which the fingerprint or a set pattern. No need of downloading a third party app for security purpose here.

Editor’s take:

The best thing about MIUI is the host of inbuilt features it provides which reduces the hard work of downloading third party apps for all these facility.

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