How to download torrent files directly in Internet download manager (IDM)

Torrent IDM

Most of you people download your favourite games, applications, movies, etc from the torrents with the help of the utorrent. You also know that downloading you favourite stuff with the help of utorrent takes a lot of time as the download speed is really very slow. Many a times you also need to depend upon the health of the torrent that you are downloading. Instead of getting into downloading your favourite stuff in this manager it is more preferable for you to download your stuff directly in the Internet Download Manager (IDM). In IDM, your stuff gets downloaded around 10 times more faster than it is done in utorrent.

But over here the torrent files are downloaded on the servers of the torrent caching websites and you can download the file directly from your Internet Download Manager. It might be coming to your minds that why to prefer the Internet download manager instead of the use of utorrent. Then let us understand some of the benefits of downloading the torrents via the IDM directly:-

  • There is no requirement of the torrent downloading client as the files get installed directly
  • Also there is no requirement need to be dependent on the health of the torrent as no torrent client is involved in between and downloading is done directly
  • One can also select the content from the torrents to decide which torrent should be downloaded and which are not required
  • You can also save your torrents in your dropbox for future downloading
  • Also the major benefit is that your torrent gets downloaded around 10 times faster than it is being downloaded in the utorrent
  • You can also avail yourself by downloading the data on your phone itself.

Hence these are various benefits that would satisfy you for downloading directly through Internet Download Manager. The services of IDM are made available by a few online websites to download your torrents directly and really speedily. I will tell you about a few sites that may help you out.


The is a very popular website that is a cloud downloader that enables you to download torrents at very super fast speeds from various number of hosts. Here you can download your torrents of your choices at really super fast speeds from any number of hosts. Also you can use the free plan of the site or upgrade to the premium version for more cloud storage availability.

In free plan you can avail yourself with 10 GB of storage and you can upgrade to premium for unlimited amount of cloud storage and you can easily download your torrents at really tremendous super fast speeds without any speed restrictions.


This website is an online set that allow you to shop just by dragging and dropping. You can register yourself for free on this online website and can get unlimited usage of the downloads. In this website, your torrents will be downloaded on their server first and then you can download it from their website very speedily.

Also a mobile application is available for the smart phone users to easily avail themselves with downloads directly from their cell phones. Also this website provides a 5 GB of online storage on every account that you make just for sharing the torrents with other people.


This website also has their separate official application for the android and the IOS users. This website is very different from other websites providing the IDM services due to the various key features available on this website. It avails features such as multiple host supports and also offline access to your torrents, etc. This website also has the two account setups.

One is the free registration that avails you with 10 GB of cloud storage while the premium version avails you with unlimited amount of storage with no speed restrictions in the downloads. You can easily download files of any size very easily. The extension of the files saved on this website is .cd.


This website is a really very popular and well known online torrent downloader provider. This website is really simple to download your torrents. On the website, there is nothing to configure and also there is nothing to install, the websites caches your torrents that you want and makes it available to you in the form of download links on their website.

This website also provides a free account setup that will provide you a cloud storage of only 10 GB and it also has various speed restrictions. But when we come to the premium version of the registration on the website it provides the super fast download speed without any restrictions and also unlimited cloud storage capacity.


The last but not the least is that is a website that will cache you torrent and provide it directly to you for your downloads. You can easily download the torrent with the help of the IDM service or you can save the link in your dropbox account for future download or reference. This website has not yet availed any premium plans and you can get easy access to downloading of torrents by just registering for free. I think that the premium plans would be availed very soon.

These were the various excellent websites that avail you easily with the service of IDM and you can download your torrents very easily and speedily without any speed restrictions. There are various other tricks and methods of downloading the data with the help of IDM, but these sites are the best known yet.

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