How to download Google Play applications directly on PC

Google Play

Normally we use to download and install application from Google Play market to our mobile phone and it is very easy but there are many users who wants to know that how to download Google application on their computer and with the help of following steps you can download Google Play applications directly on your computer.

Below are the steps to get Google Play applications directly on PC

• First you have to download Google chrome browser from internet and install in your computer. You can download Google chrome browser from official site of the Google.
• You have to also download “APK Downloader” application on your computer and then install it.(It will enable you to check your Google play market ID and your device ID)
• From your mobile phone you have to go to the Google play market and then search for the Device ID application and install in your mobile phone.
• Now you have to see whether you have shortcut for the Google chrome on your computer or not? if you don’t have chrome shortcut then you have to create it.
• Now right click on Google chrome shortcut.
• Select properties and click on the shortcut tab.
• Click on the text box next to “Target”
• At the end of the target you have to add “(space)–ignore-certificate-errors”
• Click on OK button.
• Now open Google chrome browser and then open Google play market there.
• Look for the application which you want to download and then you have to click on the download button which you will find near the address bar.
• Now you have to enter login details and it is done.


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