Installing Android 4.1 Jelly Bean on Galaxy Nexus Smartphone

Jelly Bean Galaxy Nexus

Just after Apple launched its new iOS 6, Android too unveiled the awaited update ‘Jelly Bean’ Android 4.1. As of now Jelly bean is available only for few selected devices including Google’s own Galaxy Nexus. Note that this is not the official release of Jelly bean. The update file we have is just a Beta version and only Galaxy nexus GSM TAKJU model can be updated with this file. SO don’t try to update your any other device to Jelly Bean with the file we attached in this post.

To update your Galaxy Nexus Smartphone to Jelly bean, simply follow the steps mentioned below:

  • Launch any browser on your PC and download the update file from here (Google IO Jelly Bean release for the GSM Galaxy Nexus). Save it anywhere on your system.
  • Now enable USB Debugging Mode in your smartphone by going to Settings, Applications, Development and USB debugging.
  • Once done, connect the phone with your computer using the USB Cable.
  • Copy the downloaded file anywhere on your SD Card where it can be located easily.
  • Now disconnect your phone and turn it Off.
  • Once it is completely turned off, Press & Hold 3 key combinations that are Volume Up + Volume Down + Power button.
  • Don’t leave any of these buttons unless the device boots into the bootloader mode.
  • Once it is in bootloader mode, Scroll down using volume key and select Recovery mode.
  • Now select “install zip from sd card”, now locate the file you moved to SD card from your computer and select the same.
  • Now leave the device for few minutes until the firmware is updated to Jelly Bean.
  • Once it is done, yoru device will automatically come back to main screen of recovery mode.
  • At this point go back, scroll and select Reboot System Now option.

That’s it. Wait for few minutes as it will take few minutes to boot first time in the new updated firmware. Once it is booted completely, go and check your firmware version under About Phone option.

Note: Don’t forget to take back up before updating firmware in any of your device. Same applies here as well for Galaxy Nexus. Also remember that the process mention above is not for every smartphone. I or this site is not responsible for any damage happens to your mobile.

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