Samsung Galaxy S10 – Design, Infinity O Display, Camera, and More Revealed

Samsung Galaxy S10

Samsung works really hard on its Note and S series flagships. And now we are very close to see the Anniversary Flagship, which is going to be really cool. Being 10th Anniversary of Samsung’s S Series Flagship smartphones, Samsung wanted to be Perfect with its upcoming Galaxy S10. Now, from the new renders that have appeared on Internet, specially with Phonearena. it seems like Samsung has finalized the design of new its Anniversary Flagship. And it is AWESOME.

It seems huge upgrade from last years flagship Galaxy S9. In last few months we read Samsung working really hard on Display. And that seems worked really well. As you can see, S10’s display is just awesome. The popular ‘EV Leaks’ already announced some important aspects of the phone where he mentioned that S10 might come with Infinity-O display. And earlier in the showcase we saw Samsung revealing some new names of its Display which are Inifnity-U, Infinity-V, Infinity-O and the complete Inifnity display.

Most probably we are going to see this one, Infinity-O display. Now, what is Infinity-O display? Well, it is a fullscreen display with just an O, or we can call it a Hole, in the screen which is where front camera be placed. I must say, Samsung has made it look really awesome.

Now this Hole can be anywhere of the 3 spots, on the Left, in Middle or on the Right. But in most of the renders, it has been seen on the left. Another important thing Evan revealed is the In-Display Fingerprint Scanner. We have seen this in many phones recently.

Coming to the rear cameras, we recently saw Samsung launching A7 with triple rear cameras and Galaxy A9 with 4 rear cameras. However, the flagship Galaxy S10 is said to be featuring 3 cameras on the rear. Placement could be the issue of triple cameras because it requires more space. But this was also cleared by Ice Universe revealing that the triple cameras will be placed horizontally.

Now, the question is, where’s the front camera if its Infinite display? Well, that has been explained very well. Samsung’s new Galaxy S10 may get released Either with a Hole display as on the left, or with the complete Infinite Display as on the Right picture.

Samsung Galaxy S10

One more thing we are sure Samsung will launch with its Anniversary flagship is the whole new UI called One UI. It is created for clean experience without clutter. Just Focus on your content. The new Galaxy S10 may come in different variants. Overall, the new S10 is just amazing.

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