Getting Back Original Micromax Funbook Rom


In this article we are going to show you how to install the original ROM on your Micromax Funbook tablet. A number of times we root the tablet and loose warranty. Also the original OS that comes in the ROM is far more stable compared to any other custom ROM available on the web. In this article I will show you the steps to get back the original ROM that came pre-installed at the time of purchase.

There are number of benefits of putting back the OG ROM. First if any warranty left is restored. Second if there is any bug with custom rom that many users already face, will be fixed. For example recently on the 7” Funbook I had installed a CyanogenMod. It offered me a modified version of ICS. But after rooting the internal storage space was locked. I can install application but I cannot move data in it. Only external storage was working.

Now on the 10” Funbook which comes with 8GB internal storage, it is more complicated to run this mod. If you have an external memory card then you can go for the rooting process. But be ready to lose your internal storage space. After restoration of original firmware you can get that back. Fortunately there are not many version of Funbook tablet. It is easy to find the original ROM on web and I am going to offer you two links for the download.

Before going for the process you will need to download those files and keep them in your system. You will need a memory card for the process. The ROM setup will be initiated from the SD Card only. Now let’s go with the process of restoring the OG ROM of Micromx Funbook.

Micromax Funbook Original ROM Download. There are two parts below. The first is the OG ROM whose download size is 191MB. You just need to download it and copy it in the memory card. The same you have to do for the second link also. You can keep the files for future reference. Whenever you root your tablet you can use this files to get the original OS back. The third tool will be used for restoration.

Now when you are done with the download it is necessary that you extract all the files and keep them in separate folder. You have to copy them inside the following location: clockworkmod/backup/. Do not rename the files or do any changes in them. Just copy as they are. The second most important thing you will need here is CWM. Also called as ClockworkMod Recovery. This is used for restoring the OG OS. To know how to install ClockworkMd in Funbook, check this guide.

Once you run CWM it is necessary that you reboot your device in CWM. For that you will need to press the option + home + power button and then wait for 5 seconds. The tablet will turn on CWM Recovery mode.

Once you are in the recovery mode look for Backup and Restore. Use the Volume Key to move up and down. Power key will be used for selection. Go in Backup and Restore and then choose the Rom. The Recovery Process will start working. Later on press the back button and reboot your system. You must connect the charge before doing this. It is necessary that the Tablet must not turn off on any condition or there can be more severe problem.

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