How to disable or hide ‘Last Seen Timestamp’ in WhatsApp

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We had several messaging clients earlier for smartphones like Skype, Nimbuzz, Ebuddy, etc But since past couple of years, WhatsApp has made an huge impression in the smartphone users and as a result, today over 80% of smartphone owners are using WhatsApp as their default messaging client. There are numerous features that makes this messaging client so popular few of them are such as no registration, free of cost, easy configuration, voice messages, multimedia messages, etc and all this without any charge. Just requires and active internet connection, that’s it.

Although WhatsApp even takes care of your privacy but there is something on which we dont have control. I’m talking about Stealth Mode. Like in other messaging clients like Nimbuzz, Yahoo, Skype, etc we can hide our availability but there is no such thing in WhatsApp. Your contacts come to known when you checked the messages last time. This is because when your contact open your messages on his own, it shows your last availability time on the top which is also known as “Last Seen Timestamp” in whatsapp.

Many times we feel requirement of any thing which can hide your Last Seen timestamp from your friends or any of the contacts, but unfortunately we dont have any such thing by default in this popular messaging client. But, here is small simple trick using which it is now possible to Hide your Last Seen Timestamp in WhatsApp. Here we go.

  • Start by going to Settings and Turn off your Data connection. Turn off any active data including 2G, 3G or Wifi.
  • Now open WhatsApp and read or send any messages you want. Obviously the message will not be sent at this moment.
  • Now close WhatsApp and Enable the Data connection or Wifi.
  • As soon as you enable data, all your messages will be sent but they will not see your fresh last seen time.

Using this small trick you can hide your Last Seen Timestamp in WhatsApp from all your contacts.

The above steps are 100% working solution to hide your last seen time from your contacts, but many people may find it bit difficult or annoying to enable and disable the data connection every time, me too. Hence there is yet another easy method using which you can hide the same in WhatsApp. I’m talking about a small Android application known as “WhatsApp Not Last Seen”.

One you installed this application on your phone, you need to launch the app and tap on ‘Block last seen’. Thats it. Now whenever you will open your whatsapp and send message, the message will not be sent right away. The application will keep all send messages in que until your whatsapp is opened. As soon as you will close whatsapp or lock your screen or open any another application all your messages will be sent. This situation is just like above mentioned steps, which means messages will be sent only when whatsapp is not opened and hence your Last Seen timestamp will not be updated.

Your contacts will still see the older timestamp whenever they open your messages. In this case you dont need to turn off your data any time. isn’t it good. If you need to hide or disable your Last Seen Timestamp, you can download the “WhatsApp Not Last Seen apk” from here.

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