How to root, install CWM/TWRP Recovery and S-Off HTC One Max

HTC One Max is an amazing high end device offers you good gaming and processing power. You might be wondering about the process of rooting. This will give you chance to get amazing smooth output. HTC Max has smart body with great durable output. It is a unibody device which is completed locked.

Through rooting you can enjoy more features on the same. You can add different apps, take backup and even test custom rom on the same. So here we are going to go ahead with simple rooting process. But remember that this process will wipe out the warranty so go ahead doing the same on your own risk. Before moving ahead you can go ahead with the requirements which have more things that keep you on the safer side.

Pre – Requirement:

Rooting is unofficial method. It loose your device warranty but it offers you more benefits. If this process is not properly carried out your phone can brick. So proceed ahead with your own risk. After rooting your phone will not get any official software update. And there is no option to restore its original os back.

Rooting and Installing Recovery:

  • Install Android SDK on your PC.
  • Extract ADB/Fastboot on your PC.
  • Copy the file in the phone. Use a SD card for that.
  • Copy any CWM/TWRP recovery image file based on your mobile model in the Android SDK Fastboot-ADB folder of your pc.
  • Now you have to connect the device with your pc through original usb cable.
  • Go in Android ADB folder and hold shift key and press right click. Select Open Command Window from here.
  • Type adb devices and hit enter. If the device is connected you will be able to get the device serial number.
  • Now type adb reboot boot loader and hit enter.
  • You have to press the volume down key from the HTC phone and choose Fastboot.
  • Once you are in that you have to go back on your pc and open Android SDK Fastboot-ADB folder.
  • From cmd type fastboot flash recovery “types the name of image files” and hit enter.
  • The custom install process will begin and will take some time. Leave the system like that and done.
  • Once done reboot your phone in boot loader.
  • From the menu go the install from zip card and select the image file which we had copied before in thSDsd card.
  • After that run super file.
  • Once done reboot your phone and enjoy the new rooted mobile phone.


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