Step by Step process for Rooting SONY Tablet S

Rooting SONY Tablet S

Sony Tablet S is one for the best tablets available now days with Android OS. Now obviously to increase the potential we need to root it if you are not happy with what you got from the manufacturer. In this Article, am giving the step by step process of rooting Sont Tablet S tablet Pc.

  • First of all make sure your tablet is fully charged or at least 70 percent charge is left. Coz if got gown, your tab may be dead.
  • You need to start the process by download for your PC. Download the same from here. Once downloaded, extra the file in any separate folder to make sure your get 9 files extracted. (Very Important).
  • Now take your tablet, tap on settings, go to Application, than Development and tap on USB Debugging. Check mark the USB Debugging option.
  • Now connect the device with your PC via cable and run one of the extracted file named as “RUN”.
  • Now just make sure, your tab is having installed ADB. If its not there than you can manually install it again from the extracted files. There will be a file named as “adb”.


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