How to install Custom ROM on HTC One X

In this article I am going to provide you a detailed tutorial of installing custom rom on HTC One X. I am targeting around four to five most popular Custom ROMs available at the moment for HTC One X. Right now with the factory OS you get HTC Sense which another awesome Android UI available on HTC Smartphones so far. By adding the Custom ROM you will get several new changes and add-on feature. This does not mean that HTC Sense will be removed.

Some ROM size exceeds 500MB that simply states that these are bloatware, but as HTC One X is a Quad Core device you do not need to worry about the performance. First check the glimpse of all popular ROMs available below. You will need to begin with the Rooting process here. I had given you the link of rooting guide separately below. I hope you follow the steps properly.

If your device is rooted then you can move ahead with the Custom Rom installation process. It is necessary that you backup your data before doing that. I am giving you quick links of all guides that allows you to install custom ROM one by one in HTC One X:


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